Ben Carson is Right…

How can we continue to allow a dishonest media to interfere with elections?

Think about this if the outcome of an election could be changed by the media a very dishonest media then why would any nation allow this to happen?


Fellow Conservative, that was a recent headline from CNN.

For some reason, the media and the political class in our country just don’t understand me. 

Perhaps they just don’t want to.

But I think you understand me just fine. In fact, I think we’re probably very much alike, and now more than ever, I need you to stand with me in my fight to revive America.

This is who I am — I’m a proud American. I believe in God and the Judeo-Christian values upon which our nation was founded. I detest political correctness, because the truth matters more.


Ben Carson

IT seems that the more the biased, (allegedly) news media attempt to improperly enter the race advocating a candidate they prefer over the choice of all americans, the more popular the anti candidate becomes.

Take Ben Carson for a great example.

Dr. Ben Carson is constantly under attack by the lame duck media.


Ben Carson biased media tangle

So, you want to see just how bad the media are well just watch this video to see just how messed up yellow journalism can be.

Amazing lies and no defense at all. 


In God We Trust

That is the most eloquent idea that a Man can have.

It was so important to our Founding Fathers that they were willing to give up life and limb to protect it.

Ben Carson knows this and you know what else most of America also knows this is true and correct.

When you look at the video above you can see the bias of the video Ographer, if that is what the dude is or perhaps its a dude et, Nah, its a dude right, yep you bet ya.

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Ben Carson Too nice to be president?

Do we as Americans view people like Hillary Clinton as the most dishonest person who wants to be president?

It is a strange thing when white people attack a black person running for president as a possible racist…

That is the thing with these liberals like Hillary, (allegedly) who has come out attacking Ben Carson…

We have to wonder about what is going on in a media where they attack white people for being offending racists, they attack black people for offending some other racist, they attack everyone for everything but they do nothing for anyone.

The real question here should be why believe anything liars tell you…

That would be something to think about, the video above may not represent the opinions and or ideas of the owners and managers of this website.


Refreshing Ben Carson

Ben Carson has all along been the candidate that offers something genuine and real.

Not hope or change but real world experiences that prove you can make a difference.

Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 11.15.16 AM


The truth about great men is we need more of them to step up and do the right thing for america and its peoples.

Do you support Ben Carson?


Ben Carson is rising in the Polls for many very good reasons.

One of the most important reasons is that he is honest.

Yes, that is difficult to understand and to even process considering we are so used to politicians just telling us what we want to hear and when they are elected they just do what they want to do.

The American people are sick and tired of lying politicians.

Don’t you think its time to do the right thing for America?

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Ben Carson on Terrorist list?

When an organization becomes what it feared, it is time to dissolve the corporation.

Southern Poverty…

When you think about those two words you think about people that need help.

But is it the same or has it become so radical that it has become a detractor instead of the helper it was once meant to be?

So, Ben Carson has been placed on a list run by the Southern Poverty Law group, or some such non-sense, it makes you wonder that a man who has actually overcome all odds and who is the only man among those who run the poverty group to actually have overcome poverty.

It makes you wonder a great many things about this group.


The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), like so many liberal institutions started decades ago, began with noble intentions. Today, however, they serve as a partisan group dedicated to a brand of political extremism that they, ironically, purport to work against.

When will evil people stop corrupting words when they are guilty themselves.

It is time to stop organizations that pervert the right ways of the truth in order to spew hate.



Ben Carson

Leadership is what America Needs



now you can make a difference by doing something small that will have a big effect.

Dr. Ben Carson is perhaps one of the best authorities on

health care and it is something that we should support in any way possible.

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