Media fanning the Flames of Hate

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Is the Media intentionally
attempting to create chaos?

You might wonder about that because of the recent methods of dramatizing the news with ideas that are based on bias…

That is something serious and it is something that should be considered.

The story today is that a White man committed a hate crime.

It is a horrible thing to see however since law enforcement does not have a suspect in custody and they do not even have a good image to work with you might begin to question the media narrative that this is a hate crime.

No one wants to see any kind of violence happen in a church however it is not new to the world, just look at the headlines all over the world where attacks have occurred and many have lost their lives.

Was it hate?   Probably, but this is important and it is something that should be a part of the news, Hate, perhaps, but what kind of hate?

The media seems to be suggesting that its a white on black hate thing, but is that the truth and what evidence do the media have to support the allegation that this is a hate crime?

What evidence would suggest that this is a hate crime before the suspect is even identified?

Another thing that is disturbing is the idea that the man is identified as a race of a person before the suspect is fingerprinted, charged with a crime, hate or otherwise…

How can they know this man is a white man?

What ethnicity is he?

They don’t know because they have not YET identified him.

Why has law enforcement fallen into the trap that the biased media set up here, was it collusion?

Did Law enforcement suddenly begin to trust the media sometime in the dark of the night?

We may well discover something that no one has yet considered, the thing here that is really important is since when does law enforcement begin an investigation with supposition?

This is very disturbing as it creates the illusion that law enforcement is not impartial, in fact it seems to suggest that law enforcement may not have an open mind when investigating a crime.

This may well be somewhat accurate but the standard is to discover the truth not make up your mind before you have any facts at all, that is what the media have been doing over the last 20 years.

Just recently the media have been attacking the police but now there is a common narrative.

Are they throwing white people under the bus?

Will they report the truth when it comes out?

That is the real question, if it turns out the the media and law enforcement were wrong about the suppositions they promoted, then will they acknowledge the foolishness of dramatizing the news ahead of the facts?

That is the real question that should be on the minds of serious reporters.

The greatest question here is obvious do we have any real reporters left?