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  • Fox News Ratings Sink…

    Fox News has recently seen a significant loss in viewers (allegedly) if you back out the recent debate you can easily begin to see a pattern. Fox appears to be in a position that many broadcasters really hate to find themselves. Over the last two months Fox has begun to shift from center left to […]

  • Media fanning the Flames of Hate

    Is the Media intentionally attempting to create chaos? You might wonder about that because of the recent methods of dramatizing the news with ideas that are based on bias… That is something serious and it is something that should be considered.

  • What if people just stopped watching…

    Think about the medias most difficult moment, the one they realize that people really do not necessarily need to even watch the news anymore. We can get a tweet or we can get an email on our phones. We don’t really have to watch the garbage commercial promoting some local barn or mall.   Were […]

  • Left wing Hate Groups?

    What are hate groups anyway? Think about it for a moment, its not hard to understand what hate is and how it creeps into our society but recently we have begun to see some very disturbing things about what is hate. GREELEY, Colo. – The sheriff of one of the country’s largest counties says a […]

  • Southern poverty law group

    Is it possible that the southern poverty law group might actually be a hate group itself? When you begin to see how things occur and what they tell you it can make a big difference. When groups begin to hate and to practice hatred, its time to stop supporting those people. The Southern Poverty Law […]

  • Ben Carson on Terrorist list?

    Ben Carson on Terrorist list?

    When an organization becomes what it feared, it is time to dissolve the corporation. Southern Poverty… When you think about those two words you think about people that need help. But is it the same or has it become so radical that it has become a detractor instead of the helper it was once meant […]

  • Stupid is as Stupid does and does and does…

    You know you have to wonder, just what kind of serious problems have to be going on inside someones head to spew this kind of hate speech… You can hear the sarcasm in her voice… You can hear the hate that comes out in this video… The thing here is this What kind of human […]

  • Ted Cruz?

    This is the guy that the liberals love to hate, but why is that exactly…  Amazing stuff Tea Party Senator Ted Cruz spoke at length about the state of America at the Family Leadership Summit in Iowa on Saturday. Discussing a wide range of issues, the Texas senator, who has stood firm in a Democrat-controlled […]

  • Zimmerman the man the media made everyone hate.

    You see comments on the social media circuit and you would think that George Zimmerman was a serial killer like, Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer was an American serial killer and sex offender, also known as the Milwaukee Cannibal who committed the rape, murder and dismemberment of 17 men and boys between 1978 and 1991, To hear […]

  • Fox news “The Wizard of OZ”

    You often see various different personalities on the news, often they are attractive blonds, or attractive guys, (depends on your point of view) The thing is, too often it really seems to sound the same, they have these screens that prompt them to say what they are told to say by small minded, (allegedly) men […]