This time its Serious…

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There have been some serious developments in the assessment of American Security against random attacks in the US.

People are concerned about the ability of this administration to protect the American People, not only that but Democrats are just as concerned that were “not doing”  what we need to do to remain safe.

Why is that?

Do you believe that the only thing that guarantees that Evil will Triumph is that good men (and good Women also) do nothing.

Is it time to begin to take steps to preserve the Union?  The Constitution?  The United States?

There are the beginnings of what some say could spell a serious problem and a break between Washington Leadership and the Democratic party.

More so is the idea that refusing to do anything to help our allies who have been attacked could be an impeachable offense, is that really true?

No, its not, but it leads to a pathway that could be very serious.

What if a man refused to do the common sense thing, what if he refused to do what all of his advisors recommended, what if he acted in bad faith…

Would there come a time when because of health reasons or perhaps mental health reasons that man might have to be replaced?

Its possible sure it is, in fact there was some talk from big time democrats that a “Change in Leadership” might have to happen.

This would be something that many fear would be the undoing of the democratic party, but what if there were no more republicans or democrats.

What if at some point it becomes obvious that leadership in Washington had become so corrupted that the only course of action was to begin to consider that some members of the administration might be traitors.

That is a serious word too.

Much harder to prove, but when you begin to look at what has been happening over the last 90 days you have to begin to think that there is a point where if the leadership fails to take actions that are in the best interest of the collective American People and in this idea scenario, there are no democrats and there are no republicans there are only Americans.

There is a point at which the people of America must be protected regardless of if the Administration takes its duty seriously or not.

There will come a point when we the American People must protect America. 

What is really revealing here is the fact that now these types of ideas just like the one listed above is not coming from Republicans but Democrats.

So at this point it does not matter if your far left or far right or somewhere in the middle, there is a point at which We the People will agree that Washington is no longer capable of protecting the American people because they have been corrupted.

Its time that Washington stops acting political when it comes to the security of the American People.