Surprise Iowa result?

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Well Folks, were once again about to cross into the realm of reality.

As you may have been lead to believe by an increasingly whining media, Trump is expected to win.

But what if he does not win?

Will the media have anything to say?

Probably not, why is that?

They don’t know what the outcome may be and you know what else is interesting about how the media tends to hype up events?

Did you know that for example just because you win in Iowa does not mean your going to win the Election, serious, after all Iowa is not really a big political player.

Wait, want more, read on…

It is surprising to some voters that just because you may not win New Hampshire or Iowa does not mean that you can’t go on to win the election.

That is something that the media tend to actively forget…

Makes you wonder, why they seem to cast a certain light on these events.

We heard things from the media such as IF such and such candidate does not win both New Hampshire and Iowa, then they don’t have a chance, then just a few days later, these same talking heads made the statement that Hillary could still win the nomination if she looses both of those same contests, So which is it?

I guess if your a Republican, you have to win everything and if your a democrat, then you don’t have to win anything.

Seems like the Media can’t really crown a politician to become president, but they don’t seem to understand the constitution very well.

Oh, one final thought, Polls always work out the way that the organization paying for them, would like, is it intentional, perhaps at times, yes, but unconsciously I am sure all of these organizations that do these polls work it out in the background.


Which means that polls are meaningless, take that you dim bobble heads.