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Sanders Wins big

Bernie Sanders Wins New Hampshire.

It seems that things have changed in New Hampshire.



Surprise Iowa result?

Well Folks, were once again about to cross into the realm of reality.

As you may have been lead to believe by an increasingly whining media, Trump is expected to win.

But what if he does not win?

Will the media have anything to say?

Probably not, why is that?

They don’t know what the outcome may be and you know what else is interesting about how the media tends to hype up events?

Did you know that for example just because you win in Iowa does not mean your going to win the Election, serious, after all Iowa is not really a big political player.

Wait, want more, read on…


Fox News feelings hurt?

Is Fox news trying to damage a candidate because their feelings are hurt?

Were wondering because of this news story.

Scott Brown leaves Fox after bristling at questions about launching campaign

The truth may be that Fox news is more about playing games than it is about reporting the news.

When you see news stories like this one, you tend to wonder if being biased is really a good policy.


Scott Brown leaves Fox after bristling at questions about launching campaign 

It’s been obvious for some time that Scott Brown is running for the Senate, even as he grew annoyed with speculation that he was doing just that.

Fox News announced Friday that it has terminated its contract with the former senator, right after he formed an exploratory committee to run in New Hampshire. And that was inevitable: you can’t be a candidate for office and a paid television pundit at the same time.

What’s odd is that Brown kept getting annoyed when journalists suggested he was moving in this direction. Even if he hadn’t made up his mind, he was clearly moving in that direction.

So, What is behind this animus, why is fox news playing games with a candidate?

Could it be politically motivated?

Only time will tell if fox news is really fair and balanced or if they are only balanced when they want to be.