Football and Politics

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For most people this time of year is all about football but this year it could be a mixture of politics and football which might seem a bit odd at first however just about everyone is aware of the lack of leadership in Washington.

Its a serious issue for many people and as a Military family it seems almost like the whole world has gone insane.

After the Attacks in Paris everyone was sure that something would be done about the horrible situations that have happened already in this nation more than once.

The media of course have not covered this truth as they should have done and as they would have done had a republican president been in office.

The truth that the media does not tell you about will and can hurt you.

Just like a winning football team, the quarter back makes all the difference if you have a leader that can play the game and take the hits as well as run when he needs to run, you have all the ingredients of success.

When you have a quarterback that does not perform the job for which he is being paid then you have a loosing team.

Some people tend to think that America is over but that is not the truth at all.

Just because we have a Washington right now that will not do the right thing or help those in need, does not mean that America is done, far from it.

America is the collective aggregation of all the peoples that live in this nation.

Specifically We the People.

Its about all the people not just half or even a small percentage but you would not know it by listening to the Media these days.

The people are what makes America Great, We are still those same people.

The people who sacrificed everything defending the freedom other people have to burn the flag.

It is the people who make the world great as well, though this also does not tend to make the daily Media coverage tidbit.

I look around this still great nation and I see what has made us such a great nation, resources in abundance, more natural gas than we could ever use up, Millions of resources and the people can do all of these things and so much more;  from producing green energy from fossil fuels to enhancing solar energy collection points that can serve as community power distribution system.

We have all the resources that you can imagine.

We have the technology and we have the people all we really need is to elect a government that is for the people.


Get Washington out of the way of the growth that will sustain this nation for as many years as we the people continue to follow the precedents that our forefathers set down for all to see and understand.

Though lesser men have attempted to subvert what America has been and will be again, we are once again on the cusp of great change as energy continues to play a pivotal role in the development of this nation once we remove the roadblocks to our future success we can become once again the great nation of our fathers and those before them.

Of late there has been the urgent clarion call of the defeatist, who speak of  “a nation of laws”, how silly; we must have leadership that has a vision for the future of the United States after all it can never be about who one individual person is, proper governance takes into consideration the whole of the people, those that are here and those that have gone before us.

The sacrifices that military families endure that the general public cannot understand that the whole family serves not just the service man or woman.

This great nation owes a debt to the greatest generation and that generation owes just the same debt as the one before it.

This consideration must be accounted for else we risk loosing who we are and where we all come from.

Governance of the people by the people for the people that is indeed the correct constitutional sauce that brings Americans together in just this sort of way, watching football, enjoying great food and the company of those we love, is the “Who, What, When, How, Where” of who we are today and who we have been in the past.

We have no need to look behind us what we need is to embrace the people we are and knowing where we have come from and where we want to go we can but understand the one central truth that makes this nation so great, it is of the people.