IOWA tainted by foul play?

If you are a constant reader then you know that this fits the theme of this web presence perfectly.

The way the Media are influencing events and Elections should be illegal.

IF we are a NATION of LAWS instead of a nation of people.

Then We have a serious problem with the Media. 

Ben Carson is a Great Man and you could go on and on about all of his accomplishments.

The greatest thing that Mr. Carson could become is president.

Placing aside all partisan politics, which sadly the media are unable to do at all, we find that this man is perfectly qualified to run for president.

Yet, he has faced opposition and he has faced, ridicule, by the Media.

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Cruz Campaign Blunder?

Did the Cruz Campaign make a huge social blunder?

As you might expect there are a lot of things that once done cannot be undone.

There are reports in social media and in some other areas of the media where many are re-considering (allegedly) supporting Cruz for President.

Of course you have to take it all with a grain of salt or a camel as the case may be, but if this is true there are some serious problems in the Cruz Campaign.

For example, Who thought this was a good idea?


Joni Earnst Make them Squeal

The message here is a clear one and it is one that makes sense, there is one thing that the liberals operating in IOWA seem to forget the people are if nothing logical.

They have common sense values that Washington has forgotten and they do not even understand the basics of how to survive in a world where the cost of food has tripled over the last 8 years. 


IOWA Gamer Changer?

If you believe the Hype coming from both sides of this political thriller coming out of IOWA, then you may believe that What happens in IOWA, this 2014 election cycle will determine the future of America.

The Future OF AMERICA…

Think about that for a moment, could it be that our electoral system is so broken that finally the media are beginning to prove the idea that our election cycle and electoral system is broken?

When you consider the implications in play in this very important but not completely conclusive senate election, then you know that some of what they are saying could in fact be true.

Take a look at these Videos, Decide for yourself if you believe that this is the battleground that is so scary to democrats and republicans alike then perhaps its time that the people send a message to Washington…