IOWA tainted by foul play?

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If you are a constant reader then you know that this fits the theme of this web presence perfectly.

The way the Media are influencing events and Elections should be illegal.

IF we are a NATION of LAWS instead of a nation of people.

Then We have a serious problem with the Media. 

Ben Carson is a Great Man and you could go on and on about all of his accomplishments.

The greatest thing that Mr. Carson could become is president.

Placing aside all partisan politics, which sadly the media are unable to do at all, we find that this man is perfectly qualified to run for president.

Yet, he has faced opposition and he has faced, ridicule, by the Media.

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Now you could say that without the bad players in IOWA, Of which the Democratic Party certainly has a dog in the hunt, that the election might have gone differently, but lets face it, its one state, its not all the states and this is the fault of the MEDIA.

 The same media that tells us that any Opposition to Socialist policies that the Media Favor is Racist.

This Same Media, tell us that any opposition to its agenda is racist when it involves the current president.

What about Dr. Ben Carson?

What the MEDIA did to this great man is it not Racism?

Is the Media now not the ones that are racist?

Why is this being ignored?

because if this is not racism, then what is it?

media lies and racism? Or is there a hidden agenda?