IOWA Gamer Changer?

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If you believe the Hype coming from both sides of this political thriller coming out of IOWA, then you may believe that What happens in IOWA, this 2014 election cycle will determine the future of America.

The Future OF AMERICA…

Think about that for a moment, could it be that our electoral system is so broken that finally the media are beginning to prove the idea that our election cycle and electoral system is broken?

When you consider the implications in play in this very important but not completely conclusive senate election, then you know that some of what they are saying could in fact be true.

Take a look at these Videos, Decide for yourself if you believe that this is the battleground that is so scary to democrats and republicans alike then perhaps its time that the people send a message to Washington…

The truth may be stranger than fiction but in this case it is convincing simply because of how the democrats have take out all the stops and began to rely on funds provided from (allegedly) very left wing ideologies.

Both sides are screaming foul, but what is the truth, If billionaires put Millions of dollars into campaigns that are designed to buy the senate what good is it to vote?

Plenty, but that is the one thing that they do not want you to do…

They want you to think that there is no reason to vote and that is why they are pushing this election so dramatically.

The media are always harping on the idea that republicans have no solutions or plans but when you watch this video, I think it speaks clearly what the plans are and what works for this nation.