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CNN Fake News Proof?

A few months ago or perhaps in reality for several years now the “mainstream” Media have been pounding the sand about the term #Fake News

One of those was CNN and if your up to date on your shots you know that there are times when it seems like the news Media or lets face it the Fake News Media formerly the News or Journalism or the “Main Stream News Media” has become extinct and no longer serves a purpose.

Confused its all about to change and with evidence from real news sources we have begun to fully understand the corruption in the media.

Look out its going to get real. 

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Mike Pence

You may not have seen much of the truth when watching the lap dog media.

Mike Pence is a great speaker.

Who cares about what will happen next?

We are interested in fixing the broken system and you know what else that includes ?

The broken Press…

The current system of reporting the news is broken and that is something that we cannot afford to ignore.

Mike Pence is a serious speaker that is so much better than the CNN people are trying to subvert the media.

They try to move this thing forward but all they can do is lie, lie, lie, fools and ignorant people.

America first means were not worried about immigration before we deal with americans that are hurting right now.

The media seem to be so focused on just one talking point and they do not really understand.

They are just too silly to understand the truth.


Trump never said that he would deport all of them and he never said it the way that CNN want to tell the story.

We need more men like Mike Pence and that is what CNN should be covering but they just do not care.


CNN biased reporting

You can see just how biased these people actually are.

Eric Trump shuts up CNN

This is Amazing and you can bet that it is something that CNN refuses to do.

The media try to distract about defending Trump but that is a talking point created by the media.

Why is CNN so biased?

CNN keeps on with references to taxes, that is just plain stupid.

The girl should be impressed because the female is biased and is plain ignorant.

The truth about CNN is not real news. 

They are focused on interfering with the election and nothing else.

What is really interesting is how can advertisers support these corrupt news organizations?

They did not get anywhere with the tax issue because no one cares…

Voters do not care about this fake news story because it is something that the news has created to distract from the real issues that are effecting americans.


2016 media bias Politics

Press continue to undermine US election?

Is the press otherwise known as the Mass Media trying to influence the election results?

Of course they have been doing this for many years.

Watch this as a CNN reporter thought that she knew more than her guests did.

When you look at how the media seem to be oblivious to the facts about serious news stories that they should know about but apparently the news media do not cover some stories that tend to show their preferred candidate in a bad light.

That should be so amazing to these reporters but in fact they do not really know much of anything when it comes to the facts at all.

If you want to know about what is really happening in this election you can’t depend on the media to tell you the truth.


Cruz Campaign Blunder?

Did the Cruz Campaign make a huge social blunder?

As you might expect there are a lot of things that once done cannot be undone.

There are reports in social media and in some other areas of the media where many are re-considering (allegedly) supporting Cruz for President.

Of course you have to take it all with a grain of salt or a camel as the case may be, but if this is true there are some serious problems in the Cruz Campaign.

For example, Who thought this was a good idea?


Ben Carson is Right…

How can we continue to allow a dishonest media to interfere with elections?

Think about this if the outcome of an election could be changed by the media a very dishonest media then why would any nation allow this to happen?


Fellow Conservative, that was a recent headline from CNN.

For some reason, the media and the political class in our country just don’t understand me. 

Perhaps they just don’t want to.

But I think you understand me just fine. In fact, I think we’re probably very much alike, and now more than ever, I need you to stand with me in my fight to revive America.

This is who I am — I’m a proud American. I believe in God and the Judeo-Christian values upon which our nation was founded. I detest political correctness, because the truth matters more.


CNN racist fraud?

Did CNN attempt to alter a photograph of a mixed race man in an attempt to make him appear more white?

This is a very disturbing allegation and one that appears to have some traction, but will the FCC take steps to investigate the alleged fraud?


2016 Debate Circus…

This is an amazing story and its one that should serve as an example of how confusing and difficult that CNN is in its use of programming and production talent.


Carly for America?

Breaking news, CNN may update the method by which they choose to decide the candidates who will be in the debate.

Will CNN not do the right thing for the American People?biasedcnn

Were curious because there are some serious problems with the freedom of the press…


In many ways this story is one that should wake you up because it is something that has been going on for a long time.

Think about what this nation would be like if censorship were the order of the day instead of freedom.


Biased CNN Again?

Are we really here again?

Once again we have a presidential election where a media source is playing with the election. 

In this case we have the presumptive nominee of the democratic party Hillary Clinton.

CNN allegedly is manipulating and or holding their finger on the scale in such a way that the only female Republican candidate will NOT be on the stage with the other male candidates.

Why is that?