Biased CNN Again?

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Are we really here again?

Once again we have a presidential election where a media source is playing with the election. 

In this case we have the presumptive nominee of the democratic party Hillary Clinton.

CNN allegedly is manipulating and or holding their finger on the scale in such a way that the only female Republican candidate will NOT be on the stage with the other male candidates.

Why is that?

It is an amazing thing to consider.

WE have a supposedly major media organization that is in charge of one of the biggest debates this year and it sort of looks like there is some chicanery going on and its not a good thing at all.

Good for Hillary and good for the other male candidates that are running against Hillary.

So, really were here again with all this biased news coverage…

sort of makes you wonder why you even bother watching the news anymore.

Because most of the time its not the news anymore its just what some fat dude in a big suit says it is.