CNN Fake News Proof?

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A few months ago or perhaps in reality for several years now the “mainstream” Media have been pounding the sand about the term #Fake News

One of those was CNN and if your up to date on your shots you know that there are times when it seems like the news Media or lets face it the Fake News Media formerly the News or Journalism or the “Main Stream News Media” has become extinct and no longer serves a purpose.

Confused its all about to change and with evidence from real news sources we have begun to fully understand the corruption in the media.

Look out its going to get real. 

Don’t watch this video if you believe everything that you hear on the radio.

Don’t watch this video if you think that UFOs are coming to get you.

Don’t Watch this video if you believe that the Russians helped to elect Trump as president.

Those are talking points that the Media want you to believe and if you blindly trust everything you hear on the News Media, then you are likely not going to understand how you have been lied to for years.

Just stay connected to the Matrix.


The truth about what the media have been doing is coming out and it is a scary thing if you are one of those people that argue with your friends about how the media are so truthful and that look Trump is loosing the election and look the polls don’t lie.

Look Hillary is going to win the election.

Look they lied to you and now they are working to betray the United States Government.

Is this protected by the constitution?

Is this what the Freedom of the Press looks like?

more to come.