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  • Democrats plan funtime fiasco

    It appears that the democrats are planning on creating as much turmoil for the Whitehouse than ever before. In fact just about everything that President Trump does do is challenged. I just wonder is it really worth it? What appears to be happening here is that the democratic party is exactly what they accused the […]

  • Doctors being harassed pharmacies implicitly ban doctors

    Imagine going to pick up a prescription and finding out that a company like for example walmart or sams has decided to ban your doctor from being able to write a prescription. That sounds strange right? Sure it would sound strange but what if say a company like walmart might decide “they do not  like […]

  • The Fake Opioid Crisis that never was

    The Fake Opioid Crisis that never was

    Fake Crisis Fake News… It appears that more often these days we are facing the opposite of the truth when it comes to a Crisis. The CDC played around with the facts and the figures allegedly in an effort to secure more funding… They created a new term..  (Opioid Crisis) They even tricked the president […]

  • Democrats to sweep 2018 elections?

    Is it possible that the democrats might take back the house and the senate in the 2018 election cycle? It might seem impossible and slightly deranged to think that this might even be possible… However, it is possible after all anything is possible… The biggest problem that faces the republicans currently is that they have […]

  • Roy Moore Senate Race

    Roy Moore Senate Race

    There is news which many Alabama voters have been waiting to see concerning the Roy Moore race for the senate seat vacated by Jeff Sessions. In this video you will see the first threads beginning to unravel as allegedly the alleged ambulance chaser throws yearbook accuser under the bus.

  • CNN bias shown in full color

    Amazing stuff folks, you see these people that just do not seem to understand the english language. Trey Gowdy really puts it on this guy. They cry investigation investigation but what is the real truth. Funny really… These people seem to believe that they are smarter than anyone else in the entire world but you […]

  • Tom Cotton is the Man

    This is what we need in America Men who will stand up and do the right thing. We must have the truth and someone that will stand up for what we know is real and right. As someone who has lived in Arkansas for 20 years or more I am proud to see that we […]

  • CNN Fake News Proof?

    A few months ago or perhaps in reality for several years now the “mainstream” Media have been pounding the sand about the term #Fake News One of those was CNN and if your up to date on your shots you know that there are times when it seems like the news Media or lets face […]

  • CNN Censorship ???

    Remember back years ago when the idea of Censorship was a horrible thing? Censorship Amazing stuff here, Bias, Fake News. How is this possible? Why do viewers bother to watch the news when the news is no longer the news at all. Censorship is what this network apparently employs on a regular basis.  

  • No Proof Required

    Well here we are folks there is no proof required IF your the Media and you want to accuse someone of wrong doing. You heard it here first… The latest talking point making its way around the media is the false flag narrative that Proof has not been offered from Trump on accusation of wiretapping […]