CNN racist fraud?

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Did CNN attempt to alter a photograph of a mixed race man in an attempt to make him appear more white?

This is a very disturbing allegation and one that appears to have some traction, but will the FCC take steps to investigate the alleged fraud?

This is very disturbing and it is something that many would like the advertisers of CNN to explain.

Why would large corporations pay advertising fees to a broadcast Cable network involved in something as despicable as this is alleged to be.


Looking at the images which were posted online…

IT appears that the face and skin color of the Oregon accused shooter has been changed…

This is not only disturbing but it should be investigated.

If any one of us reading this today did something like this we would be in jail…

There might be a hearing at some point, but over all if this were you or I WE, would be in jail long before the sun set.

This is fraud and it is something that does not belong in journalism…

What possible motive could CNN allegedly have for engaging in fraud in this way?

Just think about it for a minute, because the situation we face in this nation is one of extreme media bias and beyond that this should  be criminally investigated.

If this were Fox news the FBI allegedly would be investigating right now.


But that is not the case is it?

What we have instead is a media liar blackout where the other half of the story is never told.

If your buying any product advertised on CNN then you are supporting fraud and lies perpetrated by the media.   Sure they will likely say something like this was not what it appears to be but one employee who is no longer with us…

But then again if no one raises an alarm when bad people do bad things stories like this one is what you see long after the truth should have been printed.

We all know the media are not trustworthy…

This image is something that never should even come up for discussion, because it is improper and it is possibly even criminal.