sebelius resigns

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It could be said that not only was the Affordable Health Care Act a failure, but also those who were asked to implement the law were also failures.

They failed to consider the fact that insurance companies would take advantage of the way the law was poorly structured.

They failed to understand that we needed insurance reform before health care reform.

We had the best health care system of just about any other place on earth.

They failed, in so many ways that you might be tempted to think that they did this intentionally.

Doctors are retiring because someone failed to consider the idea that a doctor would not continue to work when he or she is making so much less under the AFA law.

They Failed, to understand that fewer students in college would choose to become a doctor.

They Failed to address the serious abuse of the medicaid system.

They Failed to consider the serious abuse to the Medicare system.

Doctors and insurance companies that perform surgeries that were not even needed.

Labs that charge obscenely high fees for tests that are not even needed.

The truth is this Administration has failed, it is time for the American people to Vote and send Washington a message.

Vote in November, it may be your last chance.

The media want to try to convince us that somehow our votes do not count and yes the democrats do seem to engage in what can only be called cheating, sometimes allegedly voting fraud, other times, the dead rise to vote in democratic districts.

Which is amazing considering that the dead do not seem to ever vote Republican…

It is time to stop the vote fraud, preserve the constitution and kick these thugs out of office, it is time to Vote…