Media Lies about Facts

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Why do you think that the Media seem to be so ignorant that they feel they can lie to the public?

That seems like a stupid thing to do considering that the Media should be relying on Advertising in order to supplement its business. Any business must rely on revenue in order to succeed.

If that is not the case then you have to ask the question is the Media really the Press anymore?

When you consider that question, the truth about what is happening in the Media coverage of the so called Gov shutdown is something that is very interesting.

The Media seem to be following the “Talking Points of the democrats” where they blame the Republicans for the failure of the Senate to pass a budget.

That seems interesting considering the Harry Reid has failed to allow a vote on a budget for more than four years.

Yet the Media seem to ignore that fact.

If it is the Constitutional right of the House to originate spending bills then why is the Media attempting to blame the House for the failure of the Senate.

That is the real question here and one that should be examined.