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States Decide not Media!

In case some are wondering about what is going on in this election what we have here is a huge lie that is being pushed by large corporate media outlets.

This situation is something that has long been a serious issue and that issue is how the media appear to believe that they are in charge of the election.

What we are seeing here is something that could be criminal in nature.

Something that will continue in future elections should criminal behavior not be punished.

As soon as we start seeing people go to jail for election fraud that is when this election will suddenly become very clear!

That is what is missing in this election!




What will happen to America if dishonesty prevails over the Constitution!

You should seriously consider what this means for this nation and IF you are a praying person do not delay neel today.

IF you are not a praying person please consider becoming a believing prayerful partner in lifting up this nation in the name of the truth!

WE know so much about what will happen should the forces of evil prevail in this situation.

Shut down the Oil Industry?

Green New Deal?

2nd Amendment!

The truth here is that IF the result were in favor of Biden then the media would have already called these states for biden.

Indeed the media have done everything to make it appear that Biden is closer to winning than Trump but this is not the case at all!

When you consider this truth then you have to understand that in fact the people have spoken and what is happening now is illegal behavior!

WE need Prayer for this nation because what is happening is not only wrong but dangerous for freedom and the American Way!

Prayer is the only thing that will change the Hearts of this nation.

A Nation founded on the freedom to worship God!


Media Fake News

The most recent fake news to come out of the media is this idea about how Russia interfered with the election.

That is Fake News.

Seriously that is what it is.

Fake News.

The idea that the Russians interfered with the election results is what the media want you to believe.

They want you to believe that is the reason why the candidate that the media wanted to win did not win. 

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Media continues to spin election

The Media are continuing to attempt to influence the results of this election.

This is incredible since one of the “Media’s Talking Points” is that Russia was doing what the Media are doing in an even more disgusting manner than exposing the truth.

If you are sick of how the media are attempting to influence the election results then you should stand up and be counted.

The only way to do that is to vote.

What are some of the other ways that the media are subverting the will of the American People?

2016 election 2016 media bias 2016 presidential election Politics

shocking Biased Corrupt Media

The truth about the media is that they are biased, corrupt and dishonest. 

What makes it so evident is that they are so far out of touch with reality that they really believe that people trust them…

Earlier today at a press conference the “Media” played with the audio so that the combative tone of the reporters, (if you can really call them reporters at all these days) then they turned up the volume on Trump so that they could get “sound bites”

The truth here is that no one trust the media any more because they are just not trust worthy.

This is why no one trust the media except for perhaps a few who do not live in reality.

The truth about how damaged the media has become is something that everyone is beginning to see and understand and that is something that the media cannot figure out how to fix.

Because of the internet the truth can now be used to combat the lies of the media. 

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Trump Rallies Media Twisted

So once again we saw where the media have attempted to create a double standard, all while keeping a straight face.

Difficult at any time but for the rest of humanity, (90 percent) we can see where the media attempt to twist the truth into the media lie.

It can be difficult to read between the lines on how the media tend to twist the truth into a lie.

For one thing they started blaming trump for violence at rallies but this was not correct and the media must have known it and if they did not know it how ignorant does that make them?

The media bias was presented as this is what you get when you exercise freedom of speech?

So, how is this correct or more correctly how is this incorrect?

Simple, protesters are not paid to be there, protesters were not responsible for these issues the people that did this were paid to do so, they were provided with expensive signs, they were trained on how to engage to disrupt free speech…

Think about that then look at what the media did by trying to blame trump…

They totally ignored that this was an organized attempt to silence the freedom of speech.

That is wrong.

This is why people do not trust the media because they are liars and they think they are smarter than everyone else, which is why they are really ignorant.

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freedom of the press?

Remember Superman, the alter ego of superman was Clark Kent, a Journalist, reporter.  In those days being a reporter meant something at least in the fictional world it did.

Even some of the older black and white movies would show better reporting that happens today.

Today things are very different, we have talking  heads that subject us to all manner of ignorant psychological insults.

IT would be nice to find a way to preserve the great values that made this nation so great.   In the 1950s a lot of people did not even lock their front doors at night, hard to imagine for most of us today, in a world where if you don’t lock up your car it and its contents might not be there when you return.

lies in the media Politics

hands up gesture?

Dont shoot?

Did it happen?

The truth is that we have scientific evidence that Michael Brown did not have his hands raised.

The evidence is in, the initial story that was spread that the subject had his hands raised and said don’t shoot, is not true.

Imagine how stupid people feel like those five NFL players that held their hands up just before a game…

How stupid are those guys?

Plenty, however you can look clearly at the autopsy diagram and it is plain that the victim’s hands could not have been raised.

Yet the media still play games with this and celebrities play games with the lies of the media, how stupid do you have to be to become a celebrity and then make an ass of yourself?

2014 election 2014 vote them out Politics

Political corruption

These days it should come as no surprise to see so much political corruption, in fact were it 1950 it would have made every newspaper world wide. 

But these days our media system has become so corrupt that they no longer report the news as it happens. 

They only report the news they believe that benefits their agenda. 



LAX shooting suspect White?

These days you cannot escape the news coverage of every single reporting of gun events that produce horrible results.

But is that statement accurate?

The truth is only “Certain” news stories are reported and often the facts are never as clear as they appear to be.

These stories are highly hyped and promoted to become the dramatic events that the Media chooses them to be.

The reason behind this type of news reporting is simple, they want to push an agenda.

Of the last several high profile gun violence related cases, all were initially reported as cases involving a specific type of weapon.

In each of these cases later it was proven that the weapons used were NOT the weapons that were reported…


All of these cases, the shooter was reported as “White”

The truth was that None of these suspects were white.


In All of these instances the Media did not go out of its way to report the truth.

They did not go back and report the mistakes they made as hyped as they reported the lies they told.



Media Lies about Facts

Why do you think that the Media seem to be so ignorant that they feel they can lie to the public?

That seems like a stupid thing to do considering that the Media should be relying on Advertising in order to supplement its business. Any business must rely on revenue in order to succeed.

If that is not the case then you have to ask the question is the Media really the Press anymore?

When you consider that question, the truth about what is happening in the Media coverage of the so called Gov shutdown is something that is very interesting.

The Media seem to be following the “Talking Points of the democrats” where they blame the Republicans for the failure of the Senate to pass a budget.

That seems interesting considering the Harry Reid has failed to allow a vote on a budget for more than four years.

Yet the Media seem to ignore that fact.

If it is the Constitutional right of the House to originate spending bills then why is the Media attempting to blame the House for the failure of the Senate.

That is the real question here and one that should be examined.