LAX shooting suspect White?

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These days you cannot escape the news coverage of every single reporting of gun events that produce horrible results.

But is that statement accurate?

The truth is only “Certain” news stories are reported and often the facts are never as clear as they appear to be.

These stories are highly hyped and promoted to become the dramatic events that the Media chooses them to be.

The reason behind this type of news reporting is simple, they want to push an agenda.

Of the last several high profile gun violence related cases, all were initially reported as cases involving a specific type of weapon.

In each of these cases later it was proven that the weapons used were NOT the weapons that were reported…


All of these cases, the shooter was reported as “White”

The truth was that None of these suspects were white.


In All of these instances the Media did not go out of its way to report the truth.

They did not go back and report the mistakes they made as hyped as they reported the lies they told.