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# Fake News reality and lies

Fake News has become a big news story and it is a new story that the news does not want to cover.

The reason why the Media does not want to cover Fake News is that they are the ones that are creating Fake News.

They want to define it, Control it, Tell it what to do…

They want to tell you what Fake News is all about.

They want to tell you what to think and how to think it because anyone that disagrees with what they have to say is wrong and stupid…

Think about that for a moment.


Accurate News Coverage?

In this election cycle we have all learned something that has been a problem for many years.

Many of us knew this already was a problem.

Many more of us are now aware and awake to the problem here that is something that is known to be an illness.

Many of the people in the media that are presenting the news must be mentally ill.

There is no other explanation, they must be sick, because why else would someone seek to be so dishonest and distasteful in light of how we as a nation expect society to behave.



The truth behind the lies

Watch as this Great man brings the truth out into the open.

This is the guy that should be in charge of our security.

We need a real man in charge of our enforcement.

This is what America is all about and this is why the People are going to take America back from the corrupt media and Washington.

WE are the People and this is the truth….


Benghazi the truth and the lies…

You can see just how difficult it is with regard to having the media just lie and lie and spin to protect the democrats.

Never forget about Behghazi ?

Faulty Memory?

Yet again we see over and over again how biased the media are about stories that they do not want you to see.

Have you see this on national TV

No you have not.

The truth about what the media are doing is just plain wrong.

Why is the media so insistent on interfering with the election process.

They blame everything on everyone and then they try to say that Trump should apologize ?

That is just wrong…

When this man tells the reporter says that Hillary Clinton should apologize, that is when it gets real.

That is something that is a big deal.

The last question that she asks attempts to ask a question about Trump…

Amazing stuff…

He shuts her mouth up and that is what we should be seeing on the national media.

But what would be even better would be if the media would actually cover the news to begin with.


Media bias the truth about the lies

The Media have steadily engaged in bias over the last several election cycles, the people of America know this to be the truth.

The Media laugh and cackle while they dismiss anyone who exposes their hypocrisy.

The greatest problem the media have is that the American People are awake.


How you know the media is lying

How can you tell when the media is lying is very simple and easy.

You know they only support Democrats for President…

They are biased for democrats.

So, when you see them making a big deal out of something that they say is going to keep a republican from wining an office then you know that the opposite is actually the truth.

Want to know why?


Media hypocrisy at all time high

The media seem to have target fixation

they can’t leave alone what shows just how narrow minded and how ignorant they really are and all the while they “pretend to be on the side of the people” They Pretend because they do not know what it is like to have to put a few dollars of gas into an almost empty tank to try and hope to get to work.

They do not know what it is like and they never will.

Want to see more about what the Media lie about every single day?

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Polls that tell lies

Polls mean nothing,

predict nothing and are useless as a means of gauging the results of an election.

Over the last few months and perhaps even as long as a year or more, there have been bobble heads that pretend to present fair and balanced news coverage.

The greatest problem and challenge is that these polls are not reflective of honest truth.

Basically they are lying.


Coming Soon… 2016 Election

Its time for making up your mind and there are some things that need to be hashed out.

There are far too many Republican Candidates and the media continue to try to influence the process by using lies and propaganda.

When you see just how desperate the Media have become it gets clearer that the democrats have no candidate that is capable of winning, unless Bernie Sanders wins out the day.

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The media jokers

When you watch coverage by the media these days you expect to see biased coverage.

What is really interesting is to watch these jokers when they think people really believe what they are saying.

Media blow hard bobble heads, you see them all the time yet for some reason they seem to believe that people believe everything you see on TV because it must be true?


When you begin to look at the truth you find lots of interesting things…

Many of those things have nothing to do with the lies the media tend to tell over and over again.

We know for example that most every word out of the mouth of bobble heads on TV, are lies.

Why is that?

Simple the truth is not in them…