Media Fake News

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The most recent fake news to come out of the media is this idea about how Russia interfered with the election.

That is Fake News.

Seriously that is what it is.

Fake News.

The idea that the Russians interfered with the election results is what the media want you to believe.

They want you to believe that is the reason why the candidate that the media wanted to win did not win. 

That is a lie…

Faked News…

IT is a lie that discounts more than 70 percent of the American People.

It is fake and that is not only wrong but it is evil.

It is time to stand up to the lying media evil bobble heads and let them know that we will not stand for these lies.

The Campaign for this election was won because millions and millions of americans went to the polls and voted.

The media tried to discourage everyone from voting…

They told lies every step of the way…

They produced fake news…

They lied some more.


They continued to lie about the election all the way up to 2 AM

They wanted to do the wrong thing.

They wanted their candidate to win so badly that they refused to call the election for Trump.

They kept on with the lies and the fake news until they could no longer deny the truth.

Now they want to blame someone for interfering with the election?

Who more than the media tried to sway the election result?

Media Lies.