Media continues to spin election

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The Media are continuing to attempt to influence the results of this election.

This is incredible since one of the “Media’s Talking Points” is that Russia was doing what the Media are doing in an even more disgusting manner than exposing the truth.

If you are sick of how the media are attempting to influence the election results then you should stand up and be counted.

The only way to do that is to vote.

What are some of the other ways that the media are subverting the will of the American People?

Psychological tactics.

They repeat the same talking points over and over again every 15 minutes.

After a while it is about like the “Old Jedi Mind Trick”

The idea here is to convince everyone that what the media keep repeating is the truth.

The truth however is the opposite of what the media are telling you it is.

    That is the one thing that seems baffling and of course it is not working because the public as a whole are not nearly as ignorant as it appears the media are. 

So how do the media use psychological influence to try to control your thoughts?

Easy they interject language that is negative.

They say things such as Donald Trump may have a narrow path to victory but Hillary Clinton is way ahead.

This is bias and it is nonsense.

Yet, this does not stop the media from attempting to influence the outcome of this election.

Again the only way to send a real message to Washington and the Liberal Media is to Vote.

What else can you do?

Wear Red on election Day when your voting, now there is one thing that you cannot do and that is to wear a political message on a red T shirt it is illegal to do so.

But it is not illegal to wear red as long as there is no political content on the shirt you wear.

The media will attempt to continue to suppress the vote by any means possible including lies, half truths, spinning the truth, twisting the context of the truth.

As a nation we deserve better representation.

The press was in the past a method of speaking for the people, righting wrongs, exposing the truth.

This is no longer the case what we see now is a sick and corrupted version of what the press used to be.

This is not acceptable and we can and must do better.

If you are sick of what the media in this nation are trying to perpetrate on the american people then it is time that  you stand up and vote for what you believe in.

Otherwise the America we have in the future will not be the same as it once was.

We simply must stand because of those that have come before us.

It is our duty to make the same sacrifices our fathers did and our fathers fathers this goes all the way back to the declaration of independence.

Men have fought and died giving the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom and now we have a few people in Washington that would like to nullify what so many men have done to bring the freedom to become what you want to become.

The freedom to do what you want to do in life is priceless.

It is time that our generation become the leaders that our country requires of us.

Because if not for the people then where would we be?