Huckabee, cannot win…

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Now this is nothing against the man, because he is a good guy with experience doing a great job governing, however he will never be president.

Now he has every right to run for president.

But is it the “Right” thing to do for the Republican party.

Earlier we saw Mit Romney bow out of the race and for good reason, he may have been able to win, but he saw where it would be better to allow other candidates to move into a better strategic position to actually win.

Right now, there are a lot of good people that like and support Huckabee and it is generating a split in the voting block, this could be a problem for the 2016 election.

The question becomes, with basically one or two candidates on the democrat side, we could be looking at a serious problem with the voting public, in order to win in 2016 a unified base is perhaps the most important aspect of this latest election cycle.

Failure to understand that and failure to act on that information could spell a problem that might had the white house right back to the democrats.

As said previously Huckabee is a great man and would do a good job as president, the biggest problem is that he can not win.

Even if he does win the primary he cannot win the election, period.

Were not saying that he should not try,  but it does make sense that eventually it would be better for the party if he makes the right decision long before the primary begins.

If Huckabee were to do as Mit Romney did, then we would see Bush and Walker emerge as the leaders, which is something that a lot More people see as a viable and perhaps even unbeatable method of firmly planting this nation back on the road to recovery.

There is one thing that is really important here and that is we know the truth about who creates jobs and revives the economy and we know now for a surety, that its not the democrats.

Its time to get smart, to run a race we know we can win instead of playing hard ball and messing everything up for the main election.

If we do not consolidate our candidacy and make the best use of our resources it will spell the end of America as we now know it.

We know what the democrats will do if they get in charge again, we know how much damage it will do and you should also understand that should the democrats win the election in 2016 it might well be the last election we ever see.




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