As I do not as I say I do?

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Are you confused by the way politicians attempt to distort the facts with Spin?

You know the old peanuts, cartoons, where Lucy pulls the foot ball back every time that is what were seeing over and over again, the thing here is are the republicans really that stupid?

What we see is the left leaning pundits, parading the new era of working across the isle only what you keep hearing is the clarion call of the democrat, saying we came to the table but the Republicans just did not want to play ball.

WE all know what this is…

Even if the pundits are too ignorant to understand that people do not like being lied to, just remember what happened with Bill orielly, he later apologized but you know what, he was right…

If you think that lying is ok, try doing it to a Cop sometime and see how you get treated, Police hate liars.

 So the basic situation here is simple, Blame everyone else, blame Bush, Blame the Republicans, Blame anyone that does not agree with your odd out of touch with reality ignorance.

Its the old “my Dog ate my homework, mentality”  You know its time that we grow up if you are still thinking like a child then you do not need to be in congress representing the people who are in fact a lot smarter than most of the people who go up to Washington and get rich on the backs of the American people while pretending to be “working” for the people.

I see Harry Reid blaming the Republicans, when he has failed to do his own job by passing a budget for more than four years, when you cannot even provide accurate analysis, because your not allowed to speak but only read from a carefully prepared statement, prepared by someone else no doubt, (allegedly) then you are not fit for office, retire, leave, get treatment for Alzheimer’s disease, what ever you need to do but leave the peoples business to those that are intelligent and healthy enough to get the job done.

The future of this nation is being decided right now and it is for the most part being done by incompetent, fools who do not know what it is like to put the last 2o bucks they have in the gas tank and hope that you can get to where your going without running out of gas.

That is reality, People struggling, to put food on the table, to get to work to find a way to feed their family, to just survive.

For many the idea of dining out at a nice place to eat is just a dream in fact many of the people working at these restaurants, cannot afford to eat at them…

That is reality and you wonder why people get tired of seeing tired old men getting up reading from a piece of paper that likely they have never seen before, (allegedly)

The biggest problem we as a nation face is the fact that class envy never solved any problem at all, we were once a great nation, we can be again, we just need to understand that common sense is better than no sense at all.