Tag: Mentality

  • Racism the truth about the media?

    Is the media racist? It is something that you certainly need to think about because you are what you eat… If you sit in front of a TV set all day and consume programming that is designed to be racist then what do you think will happen to your own thought processes? Is it not […]

  • As I do not as I say I do?

    Are you confused by the way politicians attempt to distort the facts with Spin? You know the old peanuts, cartoons, where Lucy pulls the foot ball back every time that is what were seeing over and over again, the thing here is are the republicans really that stupid? What we see is the left leaning […]

  • Unions causing wide spread job loss?

    What is going on with these Unions that seem to be oblivious to what is taking place in America? Do they not understand that many economists have forecast the most destructive year in 2013 that anyone has ever seen?  Economically we are facing Armageddon. If you even have a job you should be grateful but […]

  • 911 memorial?

    No room for the FDNY? No Room for the EMS? NO room for the Clergy? No room for Americans in their own city? Why do we have an anti American memorial service, and is this really some kind of ignorant stupidity? What is going on at the White house, when you have this mentality that […]

  • The Priority of the People

    Priority is a thing that must be developed and understood, in order to lead men must find the greater cause in life, beyond the petty bickering and name calling, the press conferences where men tell lies and pretend they are right when in reality they are wrong because they have the wrong priority. The only […]

  • White House Sues Banks

    In what could be the most alleged, “Bone headed” move in History, it is alleged, that the White House plans to sue several banks over the Freddie and Fannie Fiasco, which resulted in huge losses, for both Freddie and Fannie as well as the Public which bailed them out, then the banks were bailed out […]

  • NFL or President Obama?

    Well you might be wondering about this, subject, and yes, it is something of interest, however, over all those people that are interested in watching the first NFL football game, will really not be that interested in watching a speech anyway. So really all in all, I don’t really see a problem. If the speech […]

  • Steve Forbes attacks Social Security?

    IN a fox news story, this morning Steve Forbes seems to be making an argument that those that are sick and disabled do not deserve to have benefits paid out from social security when they paid into the system and paid for the insurance, so what is going on with this type of mentality, well […]