Unions causing wide spread job loss?

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What is going on with these Unions that seem to be oblivious to what is taking place in America?

Do they not understand that many economists have forecast the most destructive year in 2013 that anyone has ever seen? 

Economically we are facing Armageddon.

If you even have a job you should be grateful but apparently Unions are privileged, they do not feel that they are subject to the same rules of physics that everyone else is.

Like Gravity for instance?

You know what goes up must come down and they have had the gravy going for many many years, yet now when it gets a little rough they want to head for the door?

What happened to working together for a common goal oh, you know like actually working toward the goal of providing a quality product, I just have a hard time understanding this mentality that says hey, Im special and I deserve higher pay just because I pay dues, I deserve special consideration above everyone else in the labor market just because Im better than anyone else out there.