Media Attack on Tea Party

Just about every day or so you see someone on the media attacking the Tea Party and the Tea Party Candidates. 

Including Fox News, (who “claim” to be fair and balanced)

The GOP Rank and File attack Tea Party Candidates. 

 Yesterday during an interview segment about political races for control of the Senate the topic of discussion was about how the Tea Party Candidates were performing well in the p0lls. 

Then the Spin began in earnest, they began to discuss how it “looked like” tea party candidates might be able to knock out some of the older Moss Back entrenched Republicans in the primaries. 

That much is true but what they did next was a lie and an insult to the intelligence of all Voting Americans. 

   They attempted to present an unfair and unbalanced question. 

They brought up the question of IF a Tea Party Candidate could win?

(As if this is not a contest?)  
IF we are to say that a contest is a contest then either person “MIGHT” win. 

Otherwise there is no contest at all. 

What these men suggested was that only one party had a chance to win the election. 

Why is that and why do those talking heads think that were not “Smart” enough to figure out what they tried to do. 

Deception by omission is what this is and were not having it. 

 It is time to take back the Senate and all of these Karl Rovers, need to get a life, were not as dumb as you think we are and your no where near as smart as you think you are. 

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Why the Internet is better than network news

Just a few years ago the Lame Stream Media used to make fun of the internet talking about how the only way to get Hard news was to depend on the networks to provide coverage, but that has changed, mostly because most of the media to day are not really providing good sound news coverage.

The way of the past from the first days of Television Broadcasting advertisers saw the medium as a way to reach into the homes of consumers, what started out as a few hundred viewers has grown in to a world wide audience.

The average education of American audiences from 1950 to 1990 was much less than it is today, not only are people smarter but they are through the use of the internet able to learn faster and with more accuracy than in the past.

What this means is that the things that used to be accepted as fact when presented by the broadcast media are no longer a trusted source of information.

Stated plainly people no longer believe the lies that the media constantly attempt to influence human behavior.


The media have become a puppet of political agenda rather than what it once was in the past.

The simple truth is that you can learn far more accurate factual reporting online than you can from any of the networks including the (self proclaimed) Fox news network which made a name back in the 2000 election cycle attempting to present a disparity of fair and balanced coverage format.

This was a welcomed change however over the last two years that fair and balanced format has eroded into a less than honest coverage of the news.


Spin has been the denominate form of influence. 


When you consider the level of spin in many of these formats, the most common reaction to this kind of psychological influence is negative.

People just turn the TV OFF.

In the near future the internet will replace broadcast media.

This will happen because for the most part the media have ceased to be a reporting entity.

Simply put they lie and they spin and they present facts out of context.

The truth is people do not like to be lied to and that is what drives this market.


Until the media realize that they are not the smartest people on this planet they will continue to turn viewers off by presenting information that 70 percent of the audience know is false.

When this happens people just loose interest in viewing the programming.

That is what advertisers are concerned with currently, when you see a segment air that is so biased and full of lies and right after that you see an advertisement for an automobile association can plan a role in creating a negative viewing experience, that is not something that advertisers want to see.

These days Google can tell you more about what is going on in the world than most of the (hard news) broadcasters.

That is something that advertisers should understand when committing resources to the traditional media.








Democrats try to play mislead the nation?

So, were starting to see the Media play a game called split the Republican party, the thing is most people already know that the media are biased and for the most part just plain stupid.

But usually you do not see people like Bill orielly try to play bully with the republican party, tonight he seemed to be suggesting that there was a civil war coming for the republicans and that the democrats would win if this happened, but just a few years ago he had a lot of different things to say on this issue, so is he just waffling or is he really saying that he is more of a democrat than an American.

You see this is not about Republican or Democrat or Independent, or what ever Bill thinks he is today.

Its about being Responsible, Its about not spending more money than you have to spend. 

Its about People its not about race, its not about if you are a man or a woman, its not about what part of town you live in its all about who you are and that is American.

Were sick and tired of hearing that the Republican party is finished, you know its bull and we do too.

The Media is full of it the only difference is that now most of American knows it.

They can try to do what they think will help them win in 2014 but nothing they do will change what is happening in America the people are back.

Even the Great and blind, (allegedly) Bill orielly cannot spin his way out of this one.


Jay Carney Laughed to Scorn by Reporters?

There comes a time in a mans life when he must reflect on his past and his future, I would say its time for Jay to do that.

There has been (allegedly) a considerable amount of dubious statements over the last several years, spin so massive that it is a wonder the planet does not move off its axis.  The thing here that is not funny is the laughing stock that this office has become both here and abroad.

When you see this you have to wonder, what are they thinking?

Do they really think that were all that ignorant?



liberals in denial?

 What is wrong with these people…

 It is Amazing to see what is going on with people who attempt to spin the truth…


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homeless hungry used as mules?


 This is a story that you may think is fiction, it may sound like the latest in popular fiction, in fact there are some online that are presenting theories about the evil events in Boston that occurred for the first time in 12 years.

There are some that are saying that there were police there before the explosion and that they were actively looking for suspects (before) the attack) There are those that say that homeless were used as a mule to transport bags that could have contained these devices.





The truth is we do not know much and also on top of that insult, there is a report that there is a concentrated effort to create a person of interest where none really exists then later arrest that person of interest and solve the case.

This sounds insane…

It sounds like it could be the latest spy plot in a best selling book…

What if its true….

What if to insulate a political party from insult and responsibility the ultimate spin job is under way to frame a suspect that fits into what they want you to believe may have happened.

Again this sounds like a book written to be produced on a kindle product.

We truly do not know what is going on but the silence is disturbing…

What ever the truth is, the color of the persons skin is not what we need to be concerned about.

Yet the media would have us thinking about skin color, is that not racist and inflammatory.



As I do not as I say I do?

Are you confused by the way politicians attempt to distort the facts with Spin?

You know the old peanuts, cartoons, where Lucy pulls the foot ball back every time that is what were seeing over and over again, the thing here is are the republicans really that stupid?

What we see is the left leaning pundits, parading the new era of working across the isle only what you keep hearing is the clarion call of the democrat, saying we came to the table but the Republicans just did not want to play ball.

WE all know what this is…

Even if the pundits are too ignorant to understand that people do not like being lied to, just remember what happened with Bill orielly, he later apologized but you know what, he was right…

If you think that lying is ok, try doing it to a Cop sometime and see how you get treated, Police hate liars.


Why not gun control?

The idea that getting rid of all the guns in the world and so stopping anyone from committing a crime must for some at least be a great and lofty idea that brings tears to the mind. You know the old saying lets have peace on earth, we all want it, but few of us know how to actually get along in a room for more than a few hours a day.

Hey, why cant we all just get along?

Last night Bill O Reilly, set about to depict Australia, as an “Example” where gun control has worked, but is that really the truth or did Bill Orielly Lie on national TV, Did Bill Orielly intentionally mislead the American People by seemingly supporting gun control?

So here you are Bill, No more Spin…

Australia-wide, homicides are up 3.2 percent;

Australia-wide, assaults are up 8.6 percent;

Australia-wide, armed robberies are up 44 percent (yes, 44 percent).

Hot Burglaries are up 300% (where the intruders come in while you are home and knows that you are home).

In the state of Victoria, homicides with firearms are up 300 percent.

Did Bill Orielly Lie to the American People?



Double Standards Media complicit?

History is a tool that the media may use to examine its usefulness however it appears that they are unable to do that even most basic and noble occupation.  Spin is in apparently where the media are concerned, in fact in order to be in the media these days you probably must fail a disparity test. 

You should remember back when Hurricane Katrina hit and both FEMA which was not well prepared, (as most of the time slow idle government agencies are not prepared for action) the media correctly pointed out that FEMA did not do a good job and because of it there was human suffering.

In that they did a great job, but what they did next was not only wrong but sad.

They blamed, Bush, I think it must have been something like this one night two media network executives were sitting down eating and drinking expensive drinks, (probably who know for sure) and one person turned to the other one and said I know we can blame the president, its been done before and it will play well on the networks.

So thats what they do, they blame bush for Katrina, for the failure of FEMA to act quickly enough.

So, Bam, over night Bush is the reason why, storm victims were facing terrible living situations.

Fast forward, to 2012…

Hurricane Sandy, true not as big of a storm and yes not as destructive, but a definite opportunity for the democrats to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that they in fact do care for the people as they have for so many years claimed that they do.

So, has the media failed to report?

Who is at fault this time?

Do we have a media that will not report the news when the president is a democrat?

Why is that, I mean really think about this.

Why, are we being told by the media one truth when it comes to a political party and a different truth when it comes to a different political party, does that bother you?

It should.

If you are not disturbed by this fact, then you are sleeping through life and need to wake up.


Hurry up and wait.

That’s what first responders were left to do after being deployed by FEMA to assist in the storm-ravaged areas in the initial days after superstorm Sandy, has learned. A FEMA worker who spoke to described a chaotic scene at New Jersey’s Fort Dix, where emergency workers arrived as the storm bore down on the Atlantic Coast. The worker said officials at the staging area were unprepared and told the incoming responders there was nothing for them to do for nearly four days.

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Reporting used to be about the truth as the reporter saw it,

however now there is so much spin that one would be hard pressed

to find a method of finding out what the truth actually is.