Taxes going up up up?

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Will the Taxes go up?

Will they go up and up and up?

Folks it is getting crazy out there, with the liberals out trying to tell everyone what they can and cannot do on their own land, in their own homes, and even (unbelievable but true) what you can or cannot do in your bedroom.

Look out the liberals are on the loose and they think everything they have is theirs and everything that you have is also theirs,

Hold on to your wallets, because congress, is getting ready to trash your vacation, yes, allegedly, they are saying that soon, you may not ever be able to take a vacation because you will owe most of the money you now make, (allegedly)

Will the Dollar Be Dead in only a few more months, should you prepare for the worst or do you think that this is the hope and change you voted for?

Are taxes about to go up and if so will it ruin the gains realized in the economy?

In a recent report the trouble with not extending the bush tax cuts could result in a crash in the stock markets indeed it could bring the entire united states stock market completely down.

Yet, apparently the democrats do not care.

Could it be that, liberals want to destroy America?

Is this the hope and change you wanted?

Will there be a run on the stock market because the liberals want to destroy anything they cannot control?

Is this a mental illness?  or what?

Why do liberals hate America and if they do hate America and freedom why dont they just leave?

Could this be the end of America and will it be because the liberals are in charge in Washington?