Gas prices on the rise again…

Well the Media have been hounding us over and over again with worthless and often False Flag Stories about the lower price of Gas many Americans welcomed over the last 30 days. But that appears to be about over, why you ask? Well its simple, when the Gas prices went down, there was talk about […]

Democrats shut down government?

Did we just watch the Senate controlled by the Democrats, (AKA harry reid, ) failed to pass a huge over blown spending bill, now you might wonder what is going on… Its amazing, this deal should not have passed the house, but because the democrats tried to set up the republicans by proposing a bill […]

Green Energy

The idea of Green Energy is appealing however it is still costing  a lot more to provide the ground work for green energy. There are many different research projects that could lead to renewable energy in many different formats. The problem is for the most part were just looking in the wrong places. Case Studies […]

Emergency preparedness.

When an Emergency happens, it is the responsibility of those leaders who are prepared to lead that makes the difference between saving lives and loosing them.  The truth about the recent state emergencies in the south following a snow storm is obvious you cannot prepare for every situation when the economy is so bad that […]