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  • Gorsuch will bring back balance to supreme court

    SCOTUS news the Supreme Court Of The United States of America will soon be balanced once again after democrats attempted to allegedly and illegally overturn the government the people have fought back. Is it really possible that Democrats like “Chuckie Boy” Schumer, have allegedly become traitors to the Constitution of the United States of America? […]

  • Fired? or Charged Criminally?

    Should the former Attorney General Sally be charged with a crime? She was fired because she refused to do the job that she swore under oath and the bible that she would do… She did not do that and she did not do the minimum that the job required her to do. She did that […]

  • Time to Eat Crow?

    Is it time for the Media and the Press to get their crow out and eat it? We look at this amazing horror story of how the media are distorting the truth.   What are we going to do? Remember the Basket of Deplorable’s. Will Donald J Trump become the next President of the United […]

  • The Balance of Power

    The Judiciary branch is part of the balance of power setup in the constitution, the problem is that it is possible to change that balance of power. There is a subtle flow of power between the difference branches of government and it is something that is quite interesting. IT was setup in a way that […]

  • Why Polls mean nothing

    The truth about polls… Finding out what people feel and think is a difficult thing and for the most part its a hit and miss proposition, take for example the idea that the use of language in the design of the question can create a misleading result. Do you think that the United States is […]

  • WOTUS EPA Washington?

    WOTUS EPA Washington?

    When you begin to look at all the land that has been “reserved” for one use or another by the Feds, you would be not only shocked and outraged but also unbelieving. Houston we have a problem This time is serious… Folks you may not realize it but the EPA is set to designate any […]

  • Americas second black president?

    The ever villainous Media, (allegedly) is doing every thing they can do to try to create doubt about having a second black president. That seems odd to most of the rest of the planet. The reason why that is true is a simple thing, the media only represent about .079 percent of the entire population, […]

  • Marco Rubio

    A new American Century… It is time for America to stand once again, as those before us did when evil threatened to destroy the way of life of the entire world, America Stood up… The following is an Email received from the Marco Rubio Campaign. Source. Last night I announced my decision to run for […]

  • bowe bergdahl article 85

    There is justice at least there will be justice performed in the case of Bowe, Bergdahl who until now was under suspicion of having deserted his post. To most soldiers there is one thing that is worse than desertion and that is being a traitor to your oath to protect and defend the United States […]

  • Email Gate Clinton Scandal?

    Is Email Gate, a Scandal? Well, Yes, it is, not just because she broke the laws of the United States of America, but also because she destroyed Government property. She admits that she destroyed some 30,000 Emails. This is a huge problem, forget for a moment that it was illegal and unethical. WE can forgive […]