media responsible for riots?

Over the past few days we have heard quite a lot about the riots in Baltimore MD. The one thing you have not heard is how much responsibility does the Media have in reporting and perhaps inflaming riots to take place. It is a fine line.

Media Influence

Have you noticed how the media these days tend to influence how you think about certain topics? They use specific words to insinuate, they use words that tend to allege rather than present facts. They do this in an attempt to create entertainment rather than hard news… You can see how much influence they have […]

Media interferrance in 2012 election?

   So if you believe the media Obama has already won…   You Lie… Why the Media is getting away with Treason? Has the media gone out of its way to trouble and or interfere with the election cycle as a pundit, an opinionated slobbering malcontent that continually seeks to present one view while attempting […]

class warfare the media and bias reporting

What happened to the days of real reporting free of bias? To tell you the truth I cannot remember when I last saw real reporting designed to bring the news to the consumer of the news. Why are the media so invested in developing a bias that creates consumer back lash because when you look […]

white house sues banks stock market crashes

They say for every action there is an equal and opposite re-action… Make sense, sure, and why not, was it not one of the smartest men Albert Einstein, who developed that? Sure and it makes sense, wall street does not like it when they are treated like dogs, you know its true yet, what they […]

White House gives Speech Stock market Crashes

It may seem difficult to understand that every time the White House gives a press conference, or when they give some kind of speech, or when they raid, a non union guitar maker in the south, the stock market looses value, is it something about this administration that is causing problems with our nations finances?