@MeganKelly did she just attack religion?

These days you just have to wonder about what goes on in the minds of the talking heads including Megan Kelly who today allegedly might have lost a lot of viewers when she came across in such a way that the viewer had no choice but to notice that she was really Anti-Religious.

Just before this segment she attacked Donald Trump once again.

This was happening in the midst of a “So called War of Words” which has been going on and there has been serious issues on both sides of this news story.

To be fair, Megan Kelly did do an unprofessional thing.

The question she asked has no place in a debate.

It was just as bad as what they did to Newt Gingrich.

Just as bad and because she is an attractive woman we should cut her some slack?

I don’t think so and no more than ever I am convinced that Ms. Kelly is far from the center that she has led viewers to believe she is.

But hey thats life right?  If she wants to attack religion on the air she can do that but just watch the ratings as they begin to drop because that is exactly what is going to happen very soon if she does not apologize.

She has a reason to be angry with Trump, but neither is she innocent either.


Merry Christmas

It is amazing how political stuff can influence so many with so few functioning brain cells.

But hey lets embrace the reason for the seaSON.

So, Merry Christmas, thousands of pounds of eagerly shredded christmas paper is now carelessly cast aside and screams and squeals of pernicious laughter is set aside for a time.

Another year is about to be chronicled and soon we will return to the real world but for a shot time were in limbo and they are still playing the christmas story non stop on some cable channel.

If your embarrassed or offended or oblivious to Christ, that is your choice, not matter how you feel about it, were going to wish you a merry Christmas just the same until next year when hopefully we will all meet again to perhaps try out hands at a better outcome.

In the Skimm they call for a greatly improved GDP, but were not sure that is an accurate news presentation of the facts.

Still its early, no fantastic football games are on…

So lets enjoy the Christmas music, before the Yule tide begins…


Cuban Cigars at what cost?

So, soon it might be legal to import Cuban Cigars, that might be something to celebrate but at what cost?

One of the biggest detractors against having normal relations with Cuba is the serious problems with how they allegedly treat their peoples.

Our peoples we know how they treat.

So again at what cost do we forgive?

There must be freedom for peoples of Cuba and perhaps that is something that could take place, we do not know for sure but it is less likely that this is something that will happen.

dirty cops Politics

Stealing from the Poor

In this nation we have for many years believed that in America Thieves were criminals and the law would protect us from criminals.

But what if the criminals were the police?

It is hard to imagine that we have come into a time in this nation where the police are actively seeking to become a thief.

Masterpiece of Deception.

When you look at what is happening you have to wonder what is going on when the police are looking to take anything and everything they can in order to take from those that cannot defend themselves.

Most of the time law enforcement are looking out for the people however this is changing due to a practice called forfeiture.

This is legal theft nothing more nothing less. 

The media have attempted to call attention to this problem however it remains something that the congress must address and soon…

2014 vote them out

Voting time, 2014 election

IT is soon going to be time to get out and to vote.

This year may be the most important election in the history of this nation.

The truth about this election is that it will be decided by those that do vote.

If you choose to not vote this year everything could change…


GOP cheating in Miss Election

There are some serious problems in Mississippi.

Someone better investigate soon…


Media ignores the truth about the VA

If you want to see what good the Affordable health care act will be when the white house begins to run the health care system just look at the VA and you will have a good idea about what you will face soon.


 On Sunday, Obama Chief of Staff Denis McDonough on CBS’s Face the Nation told Major Garrett that Obama was “madder than hell,” about the scandal at the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (VA). 

But according to briefing materials obtained through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) by the Washington Times, Obama knew about the deadly backlog as far back as 2008, following the presidential election which elected Obama to his first term.




Vets dying while waiting for affordable care?

Could you soon expect to receive the same level of medical care that the Veterans get from the VA?

Waiting to Die…

Death Panels…


Socialism in Oregon

Just imagine what might happen if the state of Oregon had its way, soon, you would not really own your land. 

Soon you might not own your home. 

Soon you might not own anything. 

2014 election 2014 vote them out Politics Vote Democrats out of office

The End of America

Imagine how insane it would be politically to allow control over America to a foreign power that hates us…

That would be crazy right and on top of that the 2014 elections are about to get started and this will be a huge issue that democrats will find may cost them their jobs. 

 Most credible news sources expect the democrats to lose big in this election. 

So, it strains believability, to think that the White House does not understand that giving away the internet is a problem that will create many more security issues. 

Do we have a White House that is acting on behalf of foreign powers?

Should impeachment begin soon?

Is it time to vote anyone out of office that supports allowing the Internet to be controlled by a foreign power that is unfriendly to American’s?