@MeganKelly did she just attack religion?

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These days you just have to wonder about what goes on in the minds of the talking heads including Megan Kelly who today allegedly might have lost a lot of viewers when she came across in such a way that the viewer had no choice but to notice that she was really Anti-Religious.

Just before this segment she attacked Donald Trump once again.

This was happening in the midst of a “So called War of Words” which has been going on and there has been serious issues on both sides of this news story.

To be fair, Megan Kelly did do an unprofessional thing.

The question she asked has no place in a debate.

It was just as bad as what they did to Newt Gingrich.

Just as bad and because she is an attractive woman we should cut her some slack?

I don’t think so and no more than ever I am convinced that Ms. Kelly is far from the center that she has led viewers to believe she is.

But hey thats life right?  If she wants to attack religion on the air she can do that but just watch the ratings as they begin to drop because that is exactly what is going to happen very soon if she does not apologize.

She has a reason to be angry with Trump, but neither is she innocent either.