Democrats criminal charges coming?

Obama Wire Tap Scandal? Could we see something that has never happened before. Huge news story out today.  We could be seeing the worst scandal coming out of the Obama Administration that has been accused of wiretapping illegally. This would make Nixon look like a boy scout. 

Right and Wrong Law and Order

The differences between political factions in this country are literally many and the divide is great. We are not a divided country as the corrupted media suggest. However some of our leaders are divided and corrupt. This is a big problem which is why we have Donald J Trump as our president. The people voted […]

appalling recount?

This is an amazing news story but is it really news or is it something that is being kept from the American People. What can we surmise from the way that the media is covering this news or what can we discover from the lack of coverage? The real truth is something that makes it […]

The modern news machine

Where is the news cycle heading, we have this 24 hour news cycle now and that cycles every 15 minutes, which really means that they believe that most people only watch the news in an increment of 15 minutes. That may well be close to being true however what about the hundreds of thousands of […]