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Democrats criminal charges coming?

Obama Wire Tap Scandal?

Could we see something that has never happened before.

Huge news story out today. 

We could be seeing the worst scandal coming out of the Obama Administration that has been accused of wiretapping illegally.

This would make Nixon look like a boy scout. 


Media lie and deny

It is truly an amazing thing when you witness the Media deny that they have lied.

They Lie and Deny…

They make fun of the person that accuses them of being dishonest.

They say things like “You must not be Ok because we think your crazy”

Is it possible that the Media have become so dishonest that they cannot be trusted to tell any story at all?

Is that freedom of the press?


Right and Wrong Law and Order

The differences between political factions in this country are literally many and the divide is great.

We are not a divided country as the corrupted media suggest.

However some of our leaders are divided and corrupt.

This is a big problem which is why we have Donald J Trump as our president.

The people voted and the result is clear.

There is no evidence that anyone “Tampered, Changed, Altered, Hacked” the election result.

However the latest incarnation of how corrupted our media have become is in the iteration of yet another false flag narrative.

Yes, yet another ignorantly manifested talking point where America and its voting public are betrayed by the media.

Find out what the betrayers in our media are hiding about this news story that you will not see on any news network. 

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appalling recount?

This is an amazing news story but is it really news or is it something that is being kept from the American People.

What can we surmise from the way that the media is covering this news or what can we discover from the lack of coverage?

The real truth is something that makes it difficult to understand what has happened to the democrat party…

What no way, do you mean to tell me that Democrats were “Horrified”

” I, For One, Am Appalled, Hillary”

“A direct threat to our democracy?”

So, when Donald Trump would not agree to the foolish question asked by Chris Wallace, of then Fox News Fame, which was prefaced by using a low underhanded method of forcing the interviewee to agree to an incomplete closed question, with the idea that if other people close to Donald Trump were of a certain mind on an issue then surely Donald Trump would be able to agree to multiple confusing statements designed to lead to an unfair analysis of the question in question?

Are you confused?

You should be, stay tuned for an explanation of the question being considered of the electorate by proxy of the people.

We find ourselves thinking about how difficult it has been to watch how the media play games with the truth.

Yet, it has been happen over and over again with disturbing frequency.

How terrible it must be to be a democrat at this time in history.



Time to Eat Crow?

Is it time for the Media and the Press to get their crow out and eat it?

We look at this amazing horror story of how the media are distorting the truth.


What are we going to do?

Remember the Basket of Deplorable’s.

Will Donald J Trump become the next President of the United States.


See what the Media Refuse to show you

If you want to see what is really going on here…

The media are corrupt and dishonest along with Megyn Kelly…

Who is going to stand up to the corrupt Media?

The Media are really going to have to be managed and figured out because what they are doing is subversive.

This is a serious story…

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The modern news machine

Where is the news cycle heading, we have this 24 hour news cycle now and that cycles every 15 minutes, which really means that they believe that most people only watch the news in an increment of 15 minutes.

That may well be close to being true however what about the hundreds of thousands of people that do not watch the news.

In fact there is emerging evidence that the so called, “Millennial Generation” may not be watching TV at all.



How you know the media is lying

How can you tell when the media is lying is very simple and easy.

You know they only support Democrats for President…

They are biased for democrats.

So, when you see them making a big deal out of something that they say is going to keep a republican from wining an office then you know that the opposite is actually the truth.

Want to know why?


Media ignore Hurricane Matthew

Have you noticed something very odd?

The Media are ignoring the people who are suffering from the challenges of Hurricane Matthew.

Why are they doing that?

Remember how the Media covered Hurricane Katrina and how they showed all the people who were suffering and how the story was all about bashing then President Bush…

See what the Media are ignoring…


Was shooter Muslim?

In a horrible news story that is still allegedly being “Blacked Out” by news media it is becoming more likely that the shooter was allegedly a Muslim.

Even now the media cannot seem to admit what appears to be bias and foolish narration.

So what is going on in the press when they can quickly publish photos of other shooters along with images of obvious references to the Rebel Flag?

They can saturate the news with false information about other shootings then never apologize for lying to the American People.

But suddenly that all changed when it appears that the shooter may have allegedly been a muslim?

 Take this video as an example of just how ignorant the media is…

What is even worse here is the very real fact that many people who are seeing this video for the first time were previously unaware of this news story simply because the press did not really cover it.