@MeganKelly did she just attack religion?

These days you just have to wonder about what goes on in the minds of the talking heads including Megan Kelly who today allegedly might have lost a lot of viewers when she came across in such a way that the viewer had no choice but to notice that she was really Anti-Religious.

Just before this segment she attacked Donald Trump once again.

This was happening in the midst of a “So called War of Words” which has been going on and there has been serious issues on both sides of this news story.

To be fair, Megan Kelly did do an unprofessional thing.

The question she asked has no place in a debate.

It was just as bad as what they did to Newt Gingrich.

Just as bad and because she is an attractive woman we should cut her some slack?

I don’t think so and no more than ever I am convinced that Ms. Kelly is far from the center that she has led viewers to believe she is.

But hey thats life right?  If she wants to attack religion on the air she can do that but just watch the ratings as they begin to drop because that is exactly what is going to happen very soon if she does not apologize.

She has a reason to be angry with Trump, but neither is she innocent either.


The Cant Win List

Can anyone win against the media?

Update, It is becoming very clear that Mitt Romney is not able to become president…

In fact if you listen to the media and you actually believe all the trash they shovel on a daily basis, no one can win…

  Yes the media continue to give lavish coverage of this man, when it is becoming more obvious than ever….

The media apparently still has not learned that people are not as ignorant as in the past. While it is obvious that there is a small percentage of people that believe everything they are told, that percentage is shrinking and the media have not figured that out yet. This will make you laugh, so be prepared to grin at how the media view you. The Media tries to use reverse psychology on you, by pushing certain candidates that cannot win (and they know it) So who is on this list, well the top person who should allegedly be on this Cant win list is.

1. newt gingrich 
2.  ron paul 
3.  rudy giuliani 
4.  mike huckabee 
5.  Mitt Romney 
6. Tim Pawlenty
7. Jon Huntsman,
Former U.S. Ambassador to China

Jon may talk a good political game, but sadly, he cannot win, just look at the mess we are in with China right now?

Do you want that kind of mess for every nation on the face of the planet, then vote for Jon,
if you want real hope and change, then vote for anyone else.

The Media tries to use double reverse Psychology, by pretending to push certain candidates while hoping those candidates will not run. The Media seems to be involved in a lot of what is called politics, they are like the troll living under the bridge waiting for an unsuspecting pilgrim to wander across the bridge. I know its sort of odd to see this type of thing, because in the past the Media has tried to create this idea that they are your friends, and in the past perhaps that was true, with the baby boomer generation and the days when TV went off after 10 PM at night, those days are gone forever, but it is really ignorant to consider that along with all those changes that the audience, the consumers, the customers, the clients have not changed?

The thing is we have changed simply because we no longer are entirely dependent upon the media for our news. We can get multiple news sources from multiple places, all over the world, we are no longer limited to the 5PM news story and that my friends is a very good thing when you begin to look at the way that the media has tried to influence not only the outcome of elections but also public opinions by using psychology and keywords they try to intimidate the public into believing what they think we should believe, it was a powerful plan of action back in the 1970s but today, thirty year in the past, that idea is just not working any more. No longer are we subject to simply tricks of psychology, we have evolved beyond that type of intimidation so the media is slowing trying to figure out how they can change their stripes, but can they really do what they think they can do, influence the outcome of elections and more importantly should they be doing that at all. The problem is that people are just not that stupid if we ever were and what is even more interesting is the very real fact that with out consumers, no advertisers would ever pay a fee to advertise on a broken media outlet, so really who is smarter now?


Newt Gingrich cannot win

Why Newt may be the smartest guy in the room that cannot be president?Well I know it sounds bad but it is true that since the early 1970s most presidents have been tall, attractive and can make a good presentation on TV, that is just the way it is, are we bad for saying that? Well no, but it is a fact, short slightly padded people, (me included) will likely never be elected to an office simply because we may not look like a movie start on TV

Is it true that Newt Gingrich cannot actually win the republican nomination?

That may well be the truth, but it is not for the reasons that you might think.

This candidate is a good choice because he had a good head for administration tasks however on the down side
is that he has some issues (allegedly) concerning when to allow others to make decisions and when to take advice.

I think he would make a great vice president, but not a president.


Romney and Obama?

[kc_heading_pac_2_headline_main size=”45″ color=”#000″ ]Election 2012..[/kc_heading_pac_2_headline_main]

Would we be better off with an Oromney?

or how about Robomney it makes little difference because what Romney is should be plain to most people…

Well, folks, there is a difference between these two candidates, and you might be surprised to learn that there is an election that will happen in 2012, because the liberal, biased treasonous, 

Media, would have you believe that there is no need to have an election because they control you minds…

Sounds fantastic sure, like science fiction, but when you listen to some of the bobble heads on the news.

You might start to think that no one can beat Obama, that Obama will win because everyone else is not
good enough to be president.

The reason you might be wondering about an election is that the media have cast such a biased light upon the process that if you listen to the mindless droning of the media, no one can beat Obama, but what about the candidates, can Mitt Romney really do much good?

What if a vote for Romney now is the same thing as a vote for Obama?

Sure, why not, Mitt Romney is the “Richest Rich man” to run for president.

Ron Paul, has run for president so many times that no one knows how old he is, (allegedly)

Newt Gingrich, has personality issues, (allegedly)
he is a nice and smart guy, but has an attitude problem, (allegedly)


So that leaves, Rick Perry, which the media have not ceased to trash at every opportunity.

Including the so called Fair and Balanced Fox news company, the truth is that when I hear the media trashing out a candidate based on their own poor little petty feelings, I think I am interested in learning more about that candidate, because the media thinks they know it all.

But they really know nothing.

The truth to the media is a lie.

So how can you tell if the media is lying to you, well thats not hard to figure out when ever spittle starts flying from their lips, which is likely every day, when you here those snide remarks designed to belittle a candidate, when you see the way they distort and bend the truth to make it sound like the candidate has done something bad.

You know they are lying.

So, yes, I like Rick Perry for president, because the media does not like rick perry and the media is part of the problem in this nation, the media is part of the problem.

While we might wish we could just shut them up, that would not be freedom.

What we can do is to stop buying products that are advertised.

WE can do that…


Newt Gingrich done…

Is Newt Gingrich done with his latest presidential bid,


Newt dude, save your money, no modern president has been short or overweight…


I know that may be hard to take and I know it may not be popular but it is the cold hard truth, just like I will never wake up one day and find myself an actor on a popular Television Series, simply because I am short and fat and ugly. 

So just as everyone around Newt already knows that he cannot win and are looking for work somewhere else, Newt needs to wake up and smell the coffee, even if it is just a little bitter. 

In a Big news headline, Fox News confirms sweeping resignations of top campaign staff for Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich, So the field may be narrowing somewhat, the idea the democrats have is to use the biased media to push a candidate that cannot win so they attempt to push a candidate like they did last election where they later reversed the support they gave, so actually the media influenced an election, perhaps it might have even been criminal, certainly it should have been.


As the old saying goes, fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. Time for Newt to call off the exploration and do the right thing for the party.


Gingrich, cannot win

Newt may be a smart man, but apparently he is not smart enough to realize that his desire to rule, will likely leave him broke with no votes.

NO way to win…

The following headline appears in the Christen Science monitor,

(which is sort of a misnomer in itself)

Has Newt Gingrich been on TV too long to get elected?

After 30 years in the public eye, Newt Gingrich has video-clip documentation of countless past opinions. Can he still present a fresh message to the American electorate?

There are a lot of people who are wondering why Gingrich would enter the race because it is allegedly very obvious that he cannot win and he may well selfishly create great harm to the GOP is he really on the right side of the political debate with all his baggage it is really interesting that this misguided man (allegedly) should not just go ahead and save his money instead of wasting so much money…


The guy is just not likable, (allegedly) I mean you look at him and the first thing you think is that he will never ever be the president, so really why is he wasting his time and money…

Think about that, why is he wasting his money, allegedly he sold out a long time ago, so really who will even waste their alleged vote on him in the first place.


Romney: Obama ‘threw Israel under the bus’

In so many ways the idea that the US is not going to support Israel is something that is a serious concern simply because if one man can do what has been done in the name of all Americans this is wrong and should not be.  When you consider this issue you have to consider history as part of that provision, otherwise you are not being very smart.

Never in history has this been done, and what will be the result?

I do not believe that Americans feel this way about Israel, simple as that.

I wonder what consideration is involved in this decision to insult another nation that has every right to defend itself as any other nation in the world has also.

I just have to ask is this really the hope and the change you voted for?

Is this what you wanted?

Can you stand four more years of this kind of nonsense?

It is important to vote against every liberal in congress and in the senate.

It is time for the voice of the American people to be heard, and voting them out of office is the only thing they understand.

I have never seen such an ill timed speech by a President, Vote Against any campaign that does not recognize a peoples right to live.

By PHILIP ELLIOTT, Associated Press Philip Elliott, Associated Press Fri May 20, 3:33 am ET

HANOVER, N.H. – Republicans looking to unseat President Barack Obama charged that he undermined the sensitive and delicate negotiations for Middle East peace with his outline for resumed talks between Israelis and Palestinians.

Former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman said Obama, whom he served as U.S. ambassador to China until last month, undercut an opportunity for Israelis and Palestinians to build trust. Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney said Obama “threw Israel under the bus” and handed the Palestinians a victory even before negotiations between the parties could resume. Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich called it “the most dangerous speech ever made by an American president for the survival of Israel.”

It is time to vote these people out of office that refuse to allow another nation to defend itself against those that would harm them.




Who can win in 2012

The list is beginning to grow and there are a lot of names on that list,
many are expected to think about running, but in reality can they win?

If some of those that cannot win would take half the money they would spend on running
a race they know they cannot win and help those that have a better chance of winning.

There would be a good opportunity of electing the kind of quality leader that this country
needs in order to grow again as a nation.

Mitt Romney – NO

A Good candidate, but sadly not really able to supply the experience, might be a good VP candidate.

Sarah Palin, Possible
Possible, but again she would need a very strong running mate.

Mitch Daniels – Possible
Good strong character, has potential

Michele Bachmann – Possible
While she is a strong personality her position is not known, perhaps as a VP running mate

Mike Huckabee – No
Nice and likable fellow and has the experience but not the over all demeanor and lacks some vital ability that cannot be defined.
Sadly he cannot win.

Newt Gingrich – NO
Supported, a liberal republican, RINO, no we have not forgotten, The guy is just too far to the left to qualify for the back bone that is needed to do this job and we cannot afford to make mistakes this late in the game.

Rand Paul – NO
Not a chance, the media would love to try to create the impression that he could win but he does not have the experience and he cannot take it nationally either.

Ron Paul – NO
Not even a glimmer, no chance at all not even worth discussion, (which means the liberal media will try to make it seem like he is the “one”

Donald Trump – Possible
The Donald it is possible that there could be some small chance but more likely that he will make a wrong step.

Haley Barbour – NO
Has the experience and is a good regional politician but does not have the stuff to take it nationally.

911 memorial Aarp aclu acorn

The steps of a dictator

For many Americans this subject is not just another news story it is the failure of a president.

The failure to live up to the promises he made to the American people.
The failure to keep the promises he said that he would keep.
The failure to do what he campaigned that he would do.

It is disturbing to many people that we have a situation where one man has decided to bypass the will of an entire nation.

That my friends is the action of a dictator not a president.

We did not elect a dictator, This is America, not a regime in some other part of the world.

We do not by pass the constitution and attempt to enslave an entire nation, that is what a dictator does.
It is why, we see such actions in the middle east, they want to be free, not enslaved.

This is why, we must have an apology from the president on this issue, it is not acceptable, he must apologize for violating his oath of office else he must be impeached and removed from office, there is no other alternative, since we will not stand for a dictator, white or black or mixed, we do not care, this is not a nation where one man makes the decisions for the entire nation.

This is a democracy, not a dictatorship.

We can see here that what has happened here is that an entire nations will has been subverted by one man, in 2012 we must ellect a man or woman who can do the will of the people, who will follow through on the promises to the American people, who will do the right thing for the American people for fringe groups, not for special interests, not for only special labor unions.

America is a mixture of many different people not just one, this is an illegal action by the White house and it must be reversed.


former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said President Barack Obama’s decision not to fully enforce the Defense of Marriage law eventually could lead to a constitutional crisis, as he has directly violated his constitutional duties by arbitrarily suspending a law.

Also if you look at what would have happened if this were a republican president you can see that our liberal news and biased media are complicit in not reporting this violation of the constitution and the sickening stench of a sickness not treated will claim this nation.

“Imagine that Governor Palin had become president. Imagine that she had announced that Roe versus Wade in her view was unconstitutional and therefore the United States government would no longer protect anyone’s right to have an abortion because she personally had decided it should be changed. The news media would have gone crazy. The New York Times would have demanded her impeachment.


Cusack looses touch?

Recent reports about the alleged mental health of John Cusack represents a disturbing trend in media reporting.

Did John Cusack loose touch with his sanity or was this just another star so full of himself that he just forgot that he was human?

We have to ask, because the guy was well respected and I do not recall, ever seeing Fox news do anything to this guy, that is what is so whack.

If the guy does not apologize, I am done watching his movies, I am sick and tired of these monkeys out there spewing hate.

What is wrong with these haters, cant they get help from a doctor?

Sure hope the guy gets some help cause allegedly only a sick individual would hate this much.

According to Fox news,


I just have to wonder why do people do this, do they think they are above the law?

Do they think that they deserve to be able to make threats in public?

What is wrong with this type of behavior?

The facts here may yet to be told, but one thing for sure, this kind of hate is not good, if you are someone you know is having mental health issues, including allegedly Cusack, get some help.