Merry Christmas

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It is amazing how political stuff can influence so many with so few functioning brain cells.

But hey lets embrace the reason for the seaSON.

So, Merry Christmas, thousands of pounds of eagerly shredded christmas paper is now carelessly cast aside and screams and squeals of pernicious laughter is set aside for a time.

Another year is about to be chronicled and soon we will return to the real world but for a shot time were in limbo and they are still playing the christmas story non stop on some cable channel.

If your embarrassed or offended or oblivious to Christ, that is your choice, not matter how you feel about it, were going to wish you a merry Christmas just the same until next year when hopefully we will all meet again to perhaps try out hands at a better outcome.

In the Skimm they call for a greatly improved GDP, but were not sure that is an accurate news presentation of the facts.

Still its early, no fantastic football games are on…

So lets enjoy the Christmas music, before the Yule tide begins…