Merry Christmas

Happy Holidays

The holidays have once again come full circle, with the Christmas Story showing in an endless loop of funny scenes that most of us have seen many times over.

It is still funny because it reminds us of simpler times.

These days much of the simplicity of what we see in this Christmas reminder is a testament to what once way but will never be again.

For the most part it is a silly movie and it is likely that those that made the movie never envisioned the success and (royalties) that would come so many years after the original project was finished.

By the way this does not just happen in the movies, a reporter emailed us stating that he had actually seen this happen at the former Pease Air Force Base.

They secured the unlucky persons (name with held) by soaking them down with water, it was at the time half funny and half scary.

Who knew that years later it would become a part of one of the biggest Christmas movies (by volume) in history, at least in some places.

Over all yet another year has passed and as we look to a new year we anticipate many great things.

Merry Christmas and Happy New year. 


Merry Christmas

It is amazing how political stuff can influence so many with so few functioning brain cells.

But hey lets embrace the reason for the seaSON.

So, Merry Christmas, thousands of pounds of eagerly shredded christmas paper is now carelessly cast aside and screams and squeals of pernicious laughter is set aside for a time.

Another year is about to be chronicled and soon we will return to the real world but for a shot time were in limbo and they are still playing the christmas story non stop on some cable channel.

If your embarrassed or offended or oblivious to Christ, that is your choice, not matter how you feel about it, were going to wish you a merry Christmas just the same until next year when hopefully we will all meet again to perhaps try out hands at a better outcome.

In the Skimm they call for a greatly improved GDP, but were not sure that is an accurate news presentation of the facts.

Still its early, no fantastic football games are on…

So lets enjoy the Christmas music, before the Yule tide begins…


Merry Christmas

Time moves so quickly that you literally go from Halloween to Christmas in just a blur.



Merry Christmas

This is the time of year when you can listen to the old songs and still be hip. 

Christmas time is the best time of the year, a time when you can watch Miracle on 34th street. 

Children can watch Frosty the snowman, all the classics and all the great tasting food. 


More than anything else it is about the birth of a savior a man who laid down his life for you. 

This year, as in the past there has been an ongoing attack on Christmas, from the decorated trees to 
any belief that does not agree with what they think you should believe in. 

It is no longer popular or even permitted in many places to say Merry Christmas, yet they can say anything they want to say and its ok. 

They can have all manner of monsters, ghouls and goblins, and its ok, but the moment you have an original thought they will pounce upon you and attempt to do everything they can do to take away your freedom of speech, your freedom of choice and your freedom to do what ever you want to do. 

They expect to have the freedom to do what they want to do but they will not be tolerant of anything you want to do. 

They expect for you to be tolerant of the way they behave but they will not tolerate you at all. 

This is not only stupid but evil and where  ever and when ever you see it, refuse to do business with that company. 

If it is a bank take your money out of it, If it is a retail store, refuse to buy anything from them, that is your choice and they cannot take it away from you. 

Most of all Merry Christmas because they cannot take away your voice though they might try.

In a nation of freedom its time to put christ where he belongs in this season make it a merry Christmas.
In a nation of freedom its time to put christ where he belongs in this season make it a merry Christmas.



Aarp aclu acorn

Merry Christmas

And a Happy New Year.

Never let a good opportunity pass you by.

This year, may be the last time you can wish someone a Merry Christmas online, sadly Politically Correct thinking has begun to spread like a cancer across the internet and even in some banks across the nation, where once it was second nature to celebrate the reason for the season, now its potentially offensive,  the problem here is that it is impossible to not offend someone about something.

No matter what you do, from burning wood to heat your home, to eating a hamburger, someone is going to get offended.

The issue is not if they will get offended but when they will be offended.

In so many ways, the liberal society seems to be perversely interested in if someone gets offended.

This is not something that anyone can do anything about but apparently the liberal left seem to want to force this attitude of correctness on the world.  The sad thing is that no matter how hard they try it will not change anything, no matter how much they try to keep someone from being offended it will not change the fact that someone will get offended.

This is insanity because you end up spending so much time trying to keep someone from getting offended that you end up offending the other 9 out of ten people that did not get offended in the first place.

Does this sound crazy, well yes it is and it does.

The idea that someone would consider the needs of the one over the needs of the many is something that is just plain wrong.

So to all the chattering class, Merry Christmas, if that offends you, I would like to say I am terribly sorry, but I am not and I am not sad about that at all, so once again for anyone that missed it before and did not get offended, Merry Christmas.

ban anti christians

Merry Christmas allegedly is not covered by media?

Christmas, is about tradition, but also it is about a story, about a babe in a manger, about the religious beliefs of hundreds of millions of people, this nation was founded on that belief.

It is why we have in God we trust on our money.

So what is up with this, there is no coverage for Christmas this year.

Over the last three years there has been a movie that was about the Christmas season.

But not this year, thanks Hollywood.

It is really interesting, because what we are watching is Politically Corruptness in high gear, so what now its unpopular to celebrate Christmas?

Why is that?

We have to ask because it seems that this idea that you cant have freedom of religion, in this nation which was founded on that premise, that my friends is a sickness and a disease, when you exclude everything, in our lives, that reminds us of Christmas, what does that do really?

No I mean it think about it, what does that do, why should I care about buying presents for the “holidays” a holiday is not special, it is not anything, it is generic.

An alleged 70 percent of toy sales are done during the “Christmas” season.

Which means that if these jerks want your money for Christmas Gifts, perhaps they might consider the idea that if they are successful in killing Christmas, will they not also kill an entire industry of gift giving?

The answer to that is also Yes, they would kill a multi million dollar seasonal tradition which has been a part of the American lifestyle for many many years.

So does that really make any sense at all?

Think about it, if all the people in the world just abandon Christmas, and the season because it might offend one person then millions of jobs would be lost, hundreds of thousands of people would starve to death, because do Christmas soup kitchens serve thousands of meals during the Christmas season?

What would happen to all those people because if a Christmas tree is offensive to one person in Texas and so the Bank Chase allegedly demands that all Christmas trees be removed, how does that really help anyone?

That is what is wrong with this country, no one is thinking, the lights on in congress but no one is home.