Tax cut myth?

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Amazing stuff folks, did you know that a tax is not cut, it is not a break, it is collected.

Taxes are collected, so folks, get that through your head.

So where do you stand, do you believe that everything this nation was founded on was true?

Taxes are not cut taxes are collected, in order to give a break to anyone you have to agree not to take more than what you agreed to take in the beginning, think about that for a minute.

See if you made 10 bucks an hour, at a job and someone came and said you know what there are other people making 5 bucks an hour, so lets, just reduce what your making by taxing you more because you make more.

So from now on you only will be making 6.50 per hour, that fair right?

Well, is that a tax break?

No really do you call taking something that does not belong to a tax break?

Think about that for a second, and I think you will understand why the talking points of tax cuts and tax breaks are just nonsense, stupid really because what they are saying is that you do not deserve to make more money than anyone else, all the while those same people that want to redistribute your money are the ones that are making more money than the people they seek to take more money from.

Sounds crazy right, but that is the truth, (allegedly)

See, there is no such thing as a tax break or a tax cut, in fact taxes cannot be found anywhere in the constitution.

Want to know why?

Its simple really the framers of the constitution, risked their lives, to avoid the exact same situation we are in now, people who want to take everything away from you in the name of doing whats good for you.

I wonder if people would be willing to pay more taxes if the money was not wasted on special interests projects.

I mean really think about it, what if there were a way to bond, or insure that money would go to reduce the debt and what if there were a law that was passed that made it mandatory, that congress and the senate, shall not spend more than it takes in, simple right, seems like a good method of getting back on track.

So what about it, do you think that members of congress would be interested in developing a plan that could actually do good for the American people.



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