Keeping your healthcare plan?

Can you keep your health care plan?

The truth the media are not telling you about what is really going on.   You may think that you fully understand what is happening regarding health care but the truth is unless you are an insider in the insurance industry you will not learn about this truth.

 Health care is about risk but it is also about time.

Insurance companies provide coverage for a set amount of money for a set period of time. Many people all over the US have been getting termination letters, telling them the health care plan they have now will be terminated. What you are not being told is something that you may find difficult to understand unless you have been in the insurance business for years.


Jobs and Lies

Imagine what would happen if everything coming out of Washington DC were a lie…

What would you do?

How could you expect to have a future because everyone and I do mean everyone knows that lying does not lead to success for the middle class, we know it and everyone else does to…

Mark Twain once said, “there are lies, damn lies and statistics”. By now you have read the new Obama Administration’s job numbers telling America that the jobless rate has now dropped below 8% to an astonishing 7.8%. As Josef Stalin once said, “it’s not the votes that count, it who counts the votes” that really matters. The Bureau of Labor Statistics released yesterday their “Household Jobless” numbers that is nothing more than a survey, claiming that more Americans are now employed than could possibly be a fact. Just forget for a moment that two of the leading economists for the Bureau of Labor Statistics happen to be big Obama contributors.

Friends, it has never been more important to keep educating the voters of our great nation on the facts behind the headlines. The “U6” number (the real unemployment number hidden by this Administration) places the unemployment and under employment number at more than 14%! This coincides with the 35,000+ loss of manufacturing jobs in September and tells the real story behind the left wing media’s drooling over this false report. We have to keep fighting for the truth.

November 6th will be here soon and if we are to be successful in removing the greatest threat to our nation’s future, we need your help. We understand that time are difficult with soaring gas and food prices, which by the way have been conveniently removed from the index of inflation, but it is clear that another four years of an Obama Presidency will be much more unbearable. We have become the voice of “We the People” because we do not rely on donations from billionaires and special interests. Your contributions of whatever you can afford has allowed us pool our resources together to make the voice of everyday Americans matter in the world of politics.


Teachers Go on Strike…

Well here we are just a few more days until its time to vote the clowns out of office that sit now in the Senate and have failed to pass a budget for three years, (probably a record for sure and for sure those that have failed to do their duty should have a record to remember in the future)

So, now we have these so called “Teachers” who look like a group of alleged fanatical wackos, than they do actual teachers, but why has the media ignored the real story here?

Likely its because they are also union, the media that is, its really interesting to watch the special interests play their games and no one reports on the real news story…

So, since Bill Hemmer and Martha Wa Wa, failed to allegedly cover the news story this morning here it is…

  What about the Kids, do we really need teachers that care less about the children that they are supposed to be teaching and more about how much money they make which by all accounts is more than the average.

So really whats up here, do these people think that they are doing such a bang up job that they deserve a raise.

What about performance teaching, you know actually produce real life class room results and get paid for that result.

Because if this school system is half as messed up as other Union facilities are across this once great nation then they would own the state of Illinois, money not the other way around.   They say teachers work hard, they do great work, ok great Prove it, I want to see the results, I want to see how many actually graduated then went to college and excelled…

That is the true test of how well a teacher performs, you know what I am sick and tired of these people who think that they are owed everything while doing allegedly nothing to earn that money.

Its time for performance pay, or no pay at all.

You want a 60 percent Raise, increase your students performances by 60 percent and then you can get your raise.

But this is all rather stupid if you think about it these so called alleged teachers really should all be fired and replaced with teachers that want to teach and will do the job for which they have been hired not walk the street dressed like alleged street walkers, its offensive and its dumb, but that is what we have come to expect from Chicago


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Tea Party Blues

 What will happen to America without true men who can tell no lie…


Ok for those of us that wonder about the tea party and its future here is an update.


Those who think the Tea Party is dead or gone “straight to hell” as Rep. Maxine Waters wanted were not with us in Tampa on Sunday when more than 3000 people braved threats of violence from radical leftist groups and a potential hurricane to attend our Unity Rally 2012! This was the first major rally this year and the you could feel the enthusiasm from the crowd as they listened to Tea Party leaders including Herman Cain and Rep. Michelle Bachmann talking about the strength our grassroots movement brings to the political process.

I am reminded of the sacrifice our Founding Fathers made when they made the difficult decision to fight against a tyrannical monarch to gain independence from the British Crown. Instead of accepting their lives being controlled by a distant central government they risked life and fortunes on the dream of creating a just and free society. America was born from these ideals and the principle that each individual is best at determining their future, not government.

After more than 225 years of liberty, these principles are in danger of being overrun by politicians who have decided that they can make better decisions on how you should live your life than you can yourself. This is not the American way and we are leading the charge to stop them!

If our organization could print money like our government has been doing, we would not have to ask everyday Americans to give what they can so we can fight well funded special interests and those who benefit from controlling corrupt politicians. For the last several decades “We the People” have been too busy raising families and working to achieve a better life to be involved in the political process, trusting those we elected to protect the values that created our republic. Now that we know the truth, it is clear that that we are the only thing standing between “our America” and the vision liberals have of what they want our country to be.

Together, we can win but we need your support. The Unity Rally was a great success but only a small part of the mission to take back our country in November. It is difficult to raise the money we need to fight but I know we can count on you to give what you can because failure is simply not an option. You can contribute by clicking –Here–

Our grandchildren will ether remember us as the generation that saved the American dream for them or stood silent while it died. How do you want to be remembered? Alone, it is hard for an individual to make a difference but like our forefathers, together we are unstoppable. Will you help us?




Tax reform?

Without Tax reform we may have a second great depression?

We must have tax reform, how hard is that to do?

There are many different, types of plans that can make taxes simple, after all should it not
be easy to do?

 If Washington is Corrupt and they refuse to do the right thing
then it is time to vote them out.

This one may not be the best, but you could certainly
create a simple taxing method that saves the tax payers billions.

Anyone making under 30,000.00 pays no Federal Income taxes Simple.

Anyone making over 30,000.00 pays 10 percent

Anyone making between 35,000 to 55,000 pays 12 percent.

55,000  to 250,000  pays 15 percent.

250,000 to 750,000  20 percent.

Simple right, so why is it so hard to figure out how this works?

or you could just develop a simple sliding scale, for both corporate and individuals how hard is that?

the thing here is this they do not want to make these changes because they have all been bought and paid for by special interests, they have been purchased with gold and silver.

They do not want to be exposed for who they are puppets controlled by their masters…

The problem we all face is that we have corrupt politicians, that make decisions based on what small groups of people want them to do, they do not make decisions in the common interest of the American people.

fraud jobs lying jobs no more jobs

No jobs?

What will happen, with the problems that America faces when congress tries to pass jobs bills that do not create jobs?

Think about that for a moment…

For the past three years, they have tried this out over and over again, but it has not worked, because of alleged, corruption, alleged special interests, alleged, criminals that steal the money and do not provide the jobs.

Temporary jobs, that cost thousands of times the amount of money paid to create the job.

In some cases, it was demonstrated, that the cost to create a job was more than 300,000,00 per job and the job only lasted a few months. 

So again, what can be done to stop this abuse?




How often in the last three years have we seen what amounts to criminal behavior in Washington go without any action or even a report by the liberally biased, media? (allegedly)

Amazing stuff folks, yes, it is not the accepted method of handling Americas business, the problem is that no where in the constitution, does it say lets get a gang of members together to administrate financial matters.  Until we get back to the basics of what this nation was founded upon it will be very difficult to manage this nation.

Received in an email, (may not be the opinion of the website administrator or the owners of this website.)

Dear Patriot,

It’s no surprise that the newly formed “Super Committee” in Congress, tasked with finding $1.5 trillion in spending cuts, is going to consider passing new stimulus spending.
We know that these politicians can’t be trusted when it comes to taxpayer money. They are more concerned with advancing their own careers and representing special interests than they are in serving “We the People!”
Thankfully, there are a handful of patriots left in Congress, and there is one plan that will provide results, balance the budget, and cut up Congress’s credit card. Rep. Connie Mack (R-FL) has introduced the “One Percent Spending Reduction Act of 2011.”
This bill, H.R. 1848, will cut 1% of the federal budget each year for the next six years. By 2018, it will install a cap on federal spending, limiting it to just 18% of GDP. By 2019, the federal government will have a balanced budget and a spending cap. We will have cut up Washington’s credit card and forced them to live within their means!
This is an area where we can make a HUGE difference. We’ve sent almost 700,000 letters to Congress on various issues, and Congress has taken notice! Activism is at the core of the Tea Party movement, and you can take just a few moments to make an impact.
We have an opportunity to restore fiscal sanity to Washington, and when we flood Congress with letters, the politicians start to wake up! You can use our state-of-the-art petition system to contact your elected representatives and tell them to put America on the path to a balanced budget by supporting Connie Mack’s “One Percent Spending Reduction Act.”
We cover the costs of using the petition system, and a contribution is not required to participate, but your generous donations allow us to continue to offer this service free-of-charge to all Americans!

Thank you,

Todd Cefaratti
Freedom Organizer


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Can we really raise taxes?
or is the president right should we have more taxes so we can spend more money on stimulus and wall street bailouts?

The following was received in an email and may not represent or reflect the opinions of the owners of this website.


Massive tax hikes will not turn our economy around, create jobs, or improve our national credit rating.

The Tea Party Movement succeeded in forcing Congress to consider tax cuts before raising the debt ceiling, and now we are fighting to make sure President Obama can’t use the so-called “Super committee” as Trojan horse for raising your taxes.

If he succeeds, Obama and Reid will have ended the best shot we have ever had at reversing Washington’s disastrous spending binge. He will go into the 2012 elections as a hero to his liberal and socialist base. We cannot allow that to happen!

We at Tea Party Patriots refuse to let the “super committee” focus on anything other than cutting the size of our bloated federal government and balancing the budget.

This group of 12 Senators and Congressmen hold incredible power over the economic welfare of countless special interests- so you can be sure they are going to be the target of unprecedented lobbying and piles of campaign contributions over the next few months!

(…not from hard-working, tax-paying Americans like you and me, but from unions and special interests who don’t care to see a more fiscally responsible government! Indeed some of the Democrats on the panel are already fund raising based on their appointments.)

Now we are gearing up for round 2, and we need you. To counter the relentless pressure of the media, special interests, and the status quo in Washington is going to take everything we have. We need your help! This is going to be an epic battle, and your $25, $50 or more today can make a huge difference.

This is exactly the kind of battle Tea Party Patriots was born to fight. Please join us today. Your donation today will make a huge difference!

For Liberty,


Censorship of the internet?

Wow this is crazy and this is scary, we have serious problems with too much debt, the democrats are crying and saying that the end of the world will occur is they cant continue to spend spend spend, but this is at the top of what they want to do?

The problem with this bill is that it is censorship.

Problems with censorship.

Will we stand by while unions and corporations and special interests take over the internet?

Will you help us stop this bad law from ever happening in the first place.


blame the republicians?

Well guess what the media is blaming the republicans, for the debt deal issue, and you know what they will be blamed no matter what happens, if they vote for a bill they will be blamed, if they vote against a bill they will get blamed, because the media has not been reporting the actual news for some time now.

The truth is that

We need a flat tax.

We need a balanced budget.

We need a capitol gains tax holiday,

for at least 100 days.

This will be the only thing that will save the American way of life and the American Dream.

If this is not done, then we will see a second depression only this time it will be far worse than the last time.

So, Republicans know this, you are going to be blamed by the liberal media no matter what you do, why not do the right thing.

  • The flat tax will bring in more revenue than what will come in under the current tax system.
  • We can agree to balance the budget over 10 years. 
  • A capitol gains tax holiday would generate even more revenue and provide for much needed jobs.

So why not? 

Why cant the officials in Washington see this and why cant they do it?

It is really not that hard to do, when you have corporations that pay nothing yet pull in billions of dollars, (allegedly) GE

You know that is not right yet, for some reason we cant do anything?

So what harry Reid in the Senate, will what, decide to not do anything?

And what the senate will do what, say that hey we don’t care about the American people we only care about our special interests?

Is this sick or what, we need to do the right thing and stand up for the American people because this could be the last opportunity.

Who will be at fault?

The democrats.

Who will be blamed no matter what?

The republicans

Who will be biased no matter what?

The media

In the end the stock market could loose over 400 points in the morning, because Harry Reid in the senate has allegedly said that the republicans have no change of doing anything, and so only the democrats can do anything right?  Really?  your kidding right?  Probably not.

If the stock market crashes in the morning it will be the fault of the democrats.

That is the truth, not the bias the media may tell you.