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CNN Censorship ???

Remember back years ago when the idea of Censorship was a horrible thing?


Amazing stuff here, Bias, Fake News.

How is this possible?

Why do viewers bother to watch the news when the news is no longer the news at all.

Censorship is what this network apparently employs on a regular basis.



CNN biased reporting

You can see just how biased these people actually are.

Eric Trump shuts up CNN

This is Amazing and you can bet that it is something that CNN refuses to do.

The media try to distract about defending Trump but that is a talking point created by the media.

Why is CNN so biased?

CNN keeps on with references to taxes, that is just plain stupid.

The girl should be impressed because the female is biased and is plain ignorant.

The truth about CNN is not real news. 

They are focused on interfering with the election and nothing else.

What is really interesting is how can advertisers support these corrupt news organizations?

They did not get anywhere with the tax issue because no one cares…

Voters do not care about this fake news story because it is something that the news has created to distract from the real issues that are effecting americans.



Why people do not trust the Media

This guy is my new hero, you see how it is with this big time Video.

This is not only Amazing but its Great.



They wanted to say that the media are objective, but apparently the blood here did not understand what objective means.

An objective perspective is one that is not influenced by emotions, opinions, or personal feelings – it is a perspective based in fact, in things quantifiable and measurable.

subjective perspective is one open to greater interpretation based on personal feeling, emotion, aesthetics, etc.

You can also add Media Bias to the definition of subjective.

That is the truth.




Fake Debate?

CBS NEWS, has just created a CIRCUS…

This is not a debate…

It is a huge foolish dog and pony show but what seem’s to be so interesting here is how well Pence is doing right now.

Pence is doing so well it is Amazing.

kaine seems lost with constant use of talking points without any foundation in the truth.

There is no Fact checking, but I can tell you one thing is clear, Trump made a wise choice…

Funny Video below.


The Truth is not a spoon full of Sugar…

When you look at what has happened in regard to what many consider to be a sham investigation, you have to figure out just how dysfunctional we now are at this time.

This is why we as a nation are in such huge difficulty.

The summary of a summary of an interview.

Trey Gowdy is Amazing…

You can see how this guy looks that something is wrong…

His face is red, he looks embarrassed because he cannot answer with any seriousness the questions that he is being asked.

The reason why he is getting grilled like a salmon on a spit is that his organization has become political and they are delaying and stone walling.

Its ridiculous and offensive to the intelligence of America that we have this for our protection, this is our law enforcement ?

Stating the Congress cannot obtain paperwork about an investigation into criminal activities, in which congress has written law that has been broken  but not enforced.

That is failure

That is shameful



Supreme Court Battle

The next Justice of the Supreme Court could well be decided after the 2016 Election.

While most Democrats tend to favor a quick appointment, (allegedly regardless of that persons qualifications)

Even Harry Reid, who infamously obstructed votes in the Senate for years, (allegedly never considering a Budget)

Seems to think that this should be done post haste.

Is this the best thing for the American Voters?

Find the reason and answer…


Tarantino done?

Amazing stuff here.

One of the most violent directors in hollywood…

No telling how many people have suffered?


Speaker of the house

Who will be the new speaker of the house?

No one knows or if they do they are not telling.

One thing for sure Good Ol, Shep, took the opportunity to rain down on the republicans in a very partisan way.

You just have to wonder what those talking heads are thinking…


You might think that opinion is something out of the ordinary but with some talking heads its just




Dishonest Press

Dishonest Press, Amazing stuff here folks, Mr. Trump talks about the things others are too afraid to talk about.

This interview is really amazing because you can see just how Mr. Trump really puts it all together, Now, were not saying that he is the best candidate but one thing is for sure, he is not afraid of the press and that is something we really need in this nation.

The press should not be so biased and Dishonest.

The following Video is not necessarily the opinion of this website or its owners.

Were interested in the content of this interview, not the agenda of the people who posted the video, but its interesting none the less.   Watch Video.



THIS video is crazy and a little too close to the truth.

But is it true, this video is Amazing.  source.