Republicians allegedly say were not supporting O’donnell

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Will the democrats win because the republicans are stupid?

Why are they doing this?

Why are they making it so hard to win?

Why are they pretending to be republicians when they are really democrats.

Have the republicans made a huge mistake?

This a sad day, but you know what, the republicans no longer represent America.

You know what I have about had it with this special interest Republican bull pucky.

If the GOP does not do the right thing here, we will remove our GOP banner from this webite, and further we will discontinue our endorsements of the GOP party in favor of independent coverage.

I have had it with this kind of stupid politics, and you know what we dont need you.

O’Donnell wins primary yet the republicans seem to be saying that they are not going to support the nominee, so what is going on with this story since when does a political party decide not to support the valid choice of the people, allegedly the republicans are saying that they will not support the peoples choice?

This is disturbing and frankly it may allegedly not be ethical.

You know if this story is true and I sure hope it is not true, as reported on Fox news, these days, you just can tell any more if Fox has the right “spin” on the story, about half the time they have been off on the spin, but the problem here is different, the people in Delaware have made a choice, now if the republican machine in Delaware refuses to provide support to the election candidate chosen by the people.

Lawsuits will follow if the republicans try to do this because they would be going against the will of the people.

This is wrong and I dont care who that is, you do not do that.

This is what so many people all over the United States are upset about, not being listened to, no one likes to be ignored, more so when this is the only time, that we the people have the right to vote and voice our opinions, yet the Republicans, seem to be saying we dont care what they people want were not going to help?

When the people speak you listen, because if you do not, if you are deaf to the people you will be voted out.

We do not care if you are a liberal, a democrat, or a liberal crat, or a Republican in name only, apparently that is part of the republicians movement, but we are here to tell you that if the RINOs think that this is over they are so wrong, we will vote you out, if you manage to make it this year dont worry we will be back for your next election.

This should serve as a notice to the republicans that we wil not stand for lies, we will not stand for Republicians in name only.