On Goverment Shut Down?

Will the government shut down as the politicians predict doom and gloom along with the apocalypse the collapse of the stock market and last but not least trying to blame it on one party or another.

Why the republicans will probably cave in and just do what is wanted…

The republicans are stupid, its fair and its true.

Why is that you say?

It is really very simple, the Media will blame the republicans no matter who in the end is responsible for a partial less than 30 day shutdown. So, if the republicans were actually smart they would come to the understanding that they are going to be blamed for what ever happens, if something bad (according to the media) happens the republicans will get blamed for it, IF, something good happens, the democrats will get the credit.

Why again?

The media is totally and completely biased and corrupt.

So, we have talking heads, that are forecasting gloom and doom, but they are liars, mostly because they want to pump it up to fit into their agenda. It is bull pucky and they know it is but they will continue to run the gambit of lies deciet and foolishness and once again?


Because they can get away with it, scare tactics that are baseless and arrogant ignorance. 

The media are really not very smart but the problem is that people still believe in what they say or at least the media hope that is the case if the media are wrong then this will backfire on the democrats and the media corrupt machine that lies to the American people every single day.

So who is smarter, the Media who lies to you every day, the democrats that lie to themselves and actually believe the bull pucky that comes out of their mouths or the republicans that fail to understand that because they will be blamed for what ever happens if its bad, then to be honest and truthful the republicans are the dumbest people on the face of the planet.

When you Enemy tells you that your making a mistake by trying to reset the government that is out of control and that you will take a hit politically if you do this, then why are you going to believe them, after all since when did a democrat care what happens to a republican anyway?

You see the truth is that most (allegedly) democrats cannot tell the truth if they were forced to do so they believe the bull crap that comes out of their mouths, so they are allegedly insane, so who cares, shut it down, reset the government.

If the media are saying that its the end of time, that horrible things will happen if it is truth that they are liars, then the opposite of what they say must be true.

If the media cannot tell the truth because they are mentally ill, then the truth must be that a reset of the government must be the only thing that will bring them to the understanding of the truth.

So lets see what happens, will re republicans (those that pretend to be but are not really republicans)

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Gun Control Ban…

The CDC has come out with a report that suggests that half of America is Mentally ill?

Wow, that is some kind of scientific poll right?

The very idea that the CDC (which by the way is a little off balance here on this news report,)

Could be so foolish as to publish such a stupid bit of Gossip…

Is the CDC full of Liars now?

Are they really so corrupted that they can no longer be trusted?

Could everyone be mentally ill in some way or another?

What would happen if they suggested that because you drink alcohol that you are mentally ill.

What if they decided that if you are 20 pounds overweight that you have an eating disorder and so you are now mentally ill…

Think about that for a moment, is the CDC out of control?

Should they be funded by the tax payers when they are so messed up that they cannot distinguish between human behavior that is normal and behavior that is not normal?

Is the CDC completely corrupted and no longer trust worthy?

There are many issues that need to be examined about the CDC because it is beginning to appear that they are not acting in the best interest of the American People or the Tax payers who supply them with an almost unlimited amount of money for funding these ignorant and stupid things that do not have the truth backing them up or any facts at all to support the bull pucky they are floating.

So what does all this information tell you about the CDC?

Could they be politically biased and compromised?

Find out even more…

Who decides who is mentally ill? Your and my definition likely differs from those who are eyeing this as the path to confiscation. Once there is a legal path to any type of confiscation, such as outlined above, the flood gates will open. While it likely starts with those taking prescription medications with known psychotic side effects, it will then expand to almost all that are on medications for psychological reasons, including depression (even seasonal SAD). A small segment of the gun owning population will lose their firearms as they are demonized by the media for objecting to such actions.

Read more:

College Scandal amid high tuition

There are many that feel that higher education is not what it used to be, mostly because well it is not.

When you look at this situation you have to wonder why anyone would send their children to a University that charges $45,000.00 per year for your child to listen to this kind of bull pucky…

Seriously this is education and you know what is really funny about this crazy so called professor…
He is an old white angry man…

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spend your way out of debt?

Well apparently this is the latest liberal bent,

Allegedly, liberals are saying that we must spend our way out of debt?

Sorry but are you stupid?  I mean that is just not possible, anyone with even the common sense of a snail or crustacean, knows that this is just insane, so why are there people in the media saying that If you dont raise the spending limit there will be trouble, really where is that exactly because we also want to see where there is no inflation.

Yesterday while out shopping for paper towels and sugar, we saw an increase of 30 percent in cost passed on to consumers, so wheres the inflation, The real question should be where is the inflation not.

Come on you need to back up that bull pucky with some facts, because, Sir Issac Newton proved that gravity is still in effect all those years ago and what goes up must come down, got it, Good.

These people with their lazy bull snot, and liberal crotchety,  strangeness that seems to consider everyone in the whole world as stupid, is just not working anymore, people are not believing it, they know that when they have to stop eating pizza and steak twice a week that sooner or later it makes a difference, just the same as everyone else has to pay for what they do eat, so should Washington.

So this entire notion that we have to spend more money by raising the debt limit, is just well dumb.

No apology is going to come, because this is just the way it is, do what you have to do and I would suggest starting with the very big raises that congress got over the last two years.

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Republicians allegedly say were not supporting O’donnell

Will the democrats win because the republicans are stupid?

Why are they doing this?

Why are they making it so hard to win?

Why are they pretending to be republicians when they are really democrats.

Have the republicans made a huge mistake?

This a sad day, but you know what, the republicans no longer represent America.

You know what I have about had it with this special interest Republican bull pucky.

If the GOP does not do the right thing here, we will remove our GOP banner from this webite, and further we will discontinue our endorsements of the GOP party in favor of independent coverage.

I have had it with this kind of stupid politics, and you know what we dont need you.

O’Donnell wins primary yet the republicans seem to be saying that they are not going to support the nominee, so what is going on with this story since when does a political party decide not to support the valid choice of the people, allegedly the republicans are saying that they will not support the peoples choice?

This is disturbing and frankly it may allegedly not be ethical.

You know if this story is true and I sure hope it is not true, as reported on Fox news, these days, you just can tell any more if Fox has the right “spin” on the story, about half the time they have been off on the spin, but the problem here is different, the people in Delaware have made a choice, now if the republican machine in Delaware refuses to provide support to the election candidate chosen by the people.

Lawsuits will follow if the republicans try to do this because they would be going against the will of the people.

This is wrong and I dont care who that is, you do not do that.

This is what so many people all over the United States are upset about, not being listened to, no one likes to be ignored, more so when this is the only time, that we the people have the right to vote and voice our opinions, yet the Republicans, seem to be saying we dont care what they people want were not going to help?

When the people speak you listen, because if you do not, if you are deaf to the people you will be voted out.

We do not care if you are a liberal, a democrat, or a liberal crat, or a Republican in name only, apparently that is part of the republicians movement, but we are here to tell you that if the RINOs think that this is over they are so wrong, we will vote you out, if you manage to make it this year dont worry we will be back for your next election.

This should serve as a notice to the republicans that we wil not stand for lies, we will not stand for Republicians in name only.