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  • Your Choice?

    Hours Away from a choice that will effect this nation for years to come. Will we become a nation of loss? Will we become the America we were in the past? Will we continue down the same path that has led us to this place and time? The truth here is that it is in […]

  • Hillary Looses?

    Did Hillary LOOSE? The answer could be YES… Naturally this candidate is going to claim victory regardless of if she wins or not. In fact some argue that its likely that she will never admit that by not winning by at least 30 percent margin that perhaps it spells trouble for the Clinton Machine.

  • The Great Ohio Lie…

    If you have been watching TV, The Liberal Media, have been allegedly Lying to you over and over again. Even the So called Fair and Balanced Media have also Been engaging in this LIE… Source, CDBO We have some good news and bad news to share with you about the presidential campaign.  But to do […]

  • Romney Wins last Debate hands down.

       You know what the biased and liberal leaning tower, of Blabel, that is the media will say but the truth is that Romney is the winner.      

  • Romney Wins, Romney Wins, Romney Wins

    The headline should be Romney Wins, the Debate because what we heard was not a complete debate, there were personal attacks, straying off topic, saying that the other man (said things that were not true) (calling the man a liar for the rest of the world) That is not how you win a debate, but […]

  • Obama Wins first Debate?

    Yes folks you heard it here first, President Obama has already won the first in a series of debates that is critical for Mitt Romney and the Tea Party to win, sadly they have already lost all of the debates. Why is that and how is it possible to know the future before it happens? […]

  • Rick Perry Wins

    There are many reasons why Rick Perry is the leading candidate, but only one reason why the Liberals in the Biased news media are afraid of him….

  • Why the Media likes Mitt Romney

    The Media seems to like Mitt Romney just like they liked John McCain. Remember that? Yes, we all do because, If John McCain were president now, we would not be in the dire conditions that were are in, our nation would be respected. We would not have the high number of lost jobs… We would […]

  • Rick Perry Wins

    Rick perry has again shown a solid presentation leaving the other candidates behind in his wake.

  • Ron Paul unelectable…

    Is Ron Paul not electable? Is the Left leaning Media trying to unduly influence the outcome of a political election? Perhaps you may remember the election where Ross Perot, caused an upset in an election cycle by splitting the vote of one party allowing the democrats to sweep into a victory. Allegedly Ron Paul could […]