News Media wastes no time

The Biased News Media is engaged in spin and propaganda once again.

It is interesting to watch as we see how the Media continue to try to influence the publics view of what should happen next.

They are talking about Grid Lock…

They are talking about how Donald Trump MUST work with the establishment…

Want to know more about how the media is lying to you?


Trump Elect

This is a moment that if the Media had their way we would never have seen.

In fact they had to be dragged “Kicking and Screaming” to the (Decision Desk) to do the right thing.

Fox News was screaming loudly…

Like a prating child.

It was a late night and the Media typically was not willing to do the right thing because they really thought that Hillary was going to win out.

They were so sure that Hillary was going to win that they were willing to delay the results of the election causing Millions of Old people to have to stay up past their bed times.

Find out more about what your missing.


Media delaying election results

Is the Media attempting to try to manipulate the election results.

When you look at what is happening it is obvious that Trump is going to win.


Arizona, Pennsylvania, Michigan,

The election is over.


Megyn Kelly Biased?

You better believe that Megyn Kelly is biased.

Just watch this because it is really serious Kelly is having a real problem with her Left Leaning Agenda.

Bias You better believe that inflammatory

Megyn Kelly Accuses Donald Trump of being a Sexual Predator?

Is that Fox News?

Tell me people since when do we call someone a predator without any such proof besides 30 year late reports many of which have been proven to be lies produced by the media.

Again, Fox News?

Who are you people.

Watch the video below. 


Fox News Ratings Sink…

Fox News has recently seen a significant loss in viewers (allegedly) if you back out the recent debate you can easily begin to see a pattern.

Fox appears to be in a position that many broadcasters really hate to find themselves.

Over the last two months Fox has begun to shift from center left to far left which is seriously puzzling…


The truth about the lying media

You can see it everywhere you look even the one network where you used to be able to count on them at least to tell a fair and balanced news story but no longer because even Fox News is now engaging in this despicable behavior.

They are with every word out of their mouths lying to the American Voter.

People this is what rigging an election looks like.


Media ignore’s devastating flooding

The Media have largely been ignoring the tremendously devastating and deadly flooding from hurricane Matthew.

Why is that?

Fox news is barely showing anything but Donald Trump and his locker room conversation from 11 years ago.

Could Fox news be endangering lives by ignoring the real news while trying to attack Donald Trump for a private conversation from 11 years ago.

This is incredible. 


Fox news loosing ratings?

Is it possible that Fox News is loosing ratings and viewers over the obvious bias they seem to continue to try to perpetrate on the American people?

The truth is easy to see and one thing you can easily see on Fox News these days is BIAS.

Sure they claim to be fair and balanced but what viewers are seeing recently is the opposite of fair and the opposite of balanced.

Why is Fox doing this now?

ABC tabloid? abc yellow journalism Anyone but Hillary 2016 bias news coverage biased news Biased polls Politics

fox news touts fake polls?

Well now this is not something new but you might be wondering what Fox news is doing when they show a poll where just a few hundred people are contacted and then they want to tell you that the poll is accurate for every person in the USA…

Does that make sense?

No, it does not make sense but what it does do is color the news in a way that is childish in its method of psychological intervention.


Constantly Criticizing Fox News?

I know you are probably just as amazed as we are in watching Fox News and their constant use of derogatory language.

You sort of expect it with other networks like ABC, CBS, NBC, MSCBC, (the list could go on and on and on)

But with a network that would like to have people thinking that they present both sides of the news?

What is really insulting about Fox News is the use of derogatory terms when speaking about the Trump Candidacy and the lack of the same psychological attacks when speaking about Clinton.

More to come on this.