Trump Elect

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This is a moment that if the Media had their way we would never have seen.

In fact they had to be dragged “Kicking and Screaming” to the (Decision Desk) to do the right thing.

Fox News was screaming loudly…

Like a prating child.

It was a late night and the Media typically was not willing to do the right thing because they really thought that Hillary was going to win out.

They were so sure that Hillary was going to win that they were willing to delay the results of the election causing Millions of Old people to have to stay up past their bed times.

Find out more about what your missing.

The media in this election cycle did everything in their power to turn the election on a dime.

They lied.

They made up stories.

They created talking points.

They created news that was not news.

They talked about everything they could to make trump look bad.

All the while they refused to look at the truth of the Clinton Corruption Machine.

What is wrong with a media like this?


We must demand that the Media be investigated in accordance with undue influence.

What the media tried to do is evil and we really have to look at what they tried to do and how they tried to make it happen even when it was obvious to all of america and the world that Trump had actually won.

Fox news was not willing to call it.

That is something that we really need to examine.

When it becomes clear that the media are unduly seeking to influence the outcome of an election by using false news stories to attempt to change the mind of the voter or to suppress the voter turn out.

That is something that we must not allow to continue it may be time to neuter the press?

Oh, I can hear it now would they not scream and holler, (not lithely advocating for casteration of the press LOL)

But all in all we can see that the media is willing to subvert the will of the people, they are willing to cheat, they are willing to lie and steal and do all manner of evil at every turn.

If your going to drain the swamp its time to start with Nancy Pelosi…

Harry Reid, Diane Finestien, (there are many names on this list)

We need to really drain the swamp….