Fox news loosing ratings?

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Is it possible that Fox News is loosing ratings and viewers over the obvious bias they seem to continue to try to perpetrate on the American people?

The truth is easy to see and one thing you can easily see on Fox News these days is BIAS.

Sure they claim to be fair and balanced but what viewers are seeing recently is the opposite of fair and the opposite of balanced.

Why is Fox doing this now?

You have to wonder just what the bobble head producers over at fox news are thinking.

Fox news gained a reputation for presenting a better quality of news during the coverage of the debacle of the 2000 election cycle and they have been just about unstoppable until about four months ago when it appears that they started to push the bounds of truth and politics.

They went from fair and balanced to unfair and unbalanced.

Even the high and mighty Bill orielly has recently been quite wrong about his predictions, which to his credit he did own up to.

What does appear to be disturbing is the presentation of false information as if it were fact.

There are opinions and there is fact, opinion is acceptable even if its wrong, however when you start saying things that are false and are shown to be false by an examination of the facts then that is wrong.

Fox news has changed its format and that is something that people are not going to like.

Many viewers are reducing the time in which they watch fox and that means a loss in revenue.

Just how important is it to Fox to continue its bias?