Fox News Ratings Sink…

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Fox News has recently seen a significant loss in viewers (allegedly) if you back out the recent debate you can easily begin to see a pattern.

Fox appears to be in a position that many broadcasters really hate to find themselves.

Over the last two months Fox has begun to shift from center left to far left which is seriously puzzling…

Fox gained recognition during the 2000 election cycle when no other news outlet would cover the opposing view Fox News Did.

That appears to have been lost on the producers of the current innovation of Fox News.

It is a good thing to see both sides of a particular point of view however that has not been the case for much of this political season.

The following video is an example of double bias.

Bias on the part of Fox News and Bias on the part of the “Young Turkeys”

Either way its a sad thing to witness leaving you with just one choice, Sean Hannity…