fox news touts fake polls?

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Well now this is not something new but you might be wondering what Fox news is doing when they show a poll where just a few hundred people are contacted and then they want to tell you that the poll is accurate for every person in the USA…

Does that make sense?

No, it does not make sense but what it does do is color the news in a way that is childish in its method of psychological intervention.

It is really insulting to think that you could take a poll and call say 400 people and then say, OK, this poll is indicative of 400 million people.

Scientifically speaking it is laughable even perhaps criminal.

(if its not criminal it should be because what it attempting to do is to pollute the news with lies)

Fox used to be more reliable but now they seem to be just as corrupt and debased as all the others.

So on to the headline, is it a fake poll?

It is possible, because you just do not have enough information to understand the methodology behind the result.

Do the media have a responsibility to state that these polls are subjective and not objective.

What kinds of questions did they ask?

When did they call?

At 1PM when most people are at work?

How many people did they call before they were able to get someone to answer the phone?

4000 or 10,000 numbers?

In what zip codes did they call?

10, 20, 50?

was it in all zip codes?

No, because they did not call enough people in the first place.

Did you know that to get a really good polling you would need to get 50,000 people to answer the phone and get them to agree to answer several questions honestly.

But wait, there is more right, they can’t call cell phones for these polls and a lot of people do not have a land line at all.

Additionally, most people that would answer the questions differently then what the polling agency wants will not stick with the call because they know what is happening.

Here is an example of a biased poll question.

“Calling Robot”

Would you agree that a presidential figure or candidate should be a good role model?   chose yes or no

If they choose yes they they are not for one particular candidate right?

Wrong its subjective and it does not define any standard of data collection.

The biggest problem with a poll is that the person that paid for that poll and the questions they ask and the time of day and the zip code and many more things all influence what a poll will return.

They are subjective and the news is presenting them as if they are objective and that is wrong and this is yes far too many ands ifs and butts.

When you sit down on national TV and tell the listening audience that you are about to tell them the results of a poll where just 400 people were contacted in ten zip codes all in heavily democratic leaning counties in a certain democratic portion of the USA then should not the reporting news company have a duty to the people to tell it like it really is instead of distorting and hiding behind partial truth?

Since when did the honesty factor reach such an all time low?

One thing seems clear the media and all their taking head clowns and likely a fair few producers will be shocked at the turnout, you will hear things like no one could have ever thought there would be so many people out and look they are all wearing red T-shirts, those are Trump T-shirts aren’t they?

While another talking head will say something like “Now we don’t know that for sure”

This could be just a co-incidence after all this does not mean that all those people are really voting for Trump…


They will lie, cajole, joke, deny and delay until the bitter end when it becomes so obvious even to those demented producers that run Fox news and all the other media outlets, that all of the lies and all of the psychological attacks and all the insanity that has become journalism did not work.

They will scratch their heads in dismay and say things like, ” I just don’t understand how this could have happened”

They will hope for a close enough tally where they might be able to have a recount.

But that is not going to happen.

When this election is over there will be no doubt what the truth really is…

Do you believe as a consumer who watches TV and the News that these “Info-tainment”  biased news agencies should pay a price for what they have been doing?

For what they have attempted to do over the last 50 years?

Perhaps there should be a consequence when a news agency attempts to subvert the will of the american people.

More on that question later.