Megyn Kelly Biased?

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You better believe that Megyn Kelly is biased.

Just watch this because it is really serious Kelly is having a real problem with her Left Leaning Agenda.

Bias You better believe that inflammatory

Megyn Kelly Accuses Donald Trump of being a Sexual Predator?

Is that Fox News?

Tell me people since when do we call someone a predator without any such proof besides 30 year late reports many of which have been proven to be lies produced by the media.

Again, Fox News?

Who are you people.

Watch the video below. 

This is what Fox News is all about?




Lets look at the truth here.

Megyn Kelly attempted to smear Donald Trump as a Sexual predator, as a Sexual criminal?

Sex Offender?

Now that is getting very close to slander?

Perhaps Megyn Kelly should look at what is going on inside her own mind before she starts to accuse people of crimes…

Megyn Kelly Biased

(She says that the election is over?)

What a crock

Ignorance and fools

Republicans are out voting democrats.


Who Cares what the polls says That is an attempt to suppress voters right to vote so what is wrong with Megyn Kelly?

Fox news decision desk?

Who is that when compared to the entire voting population of the United States of America.

Non Partisan?

You better believe that fools.

Yes it is all made up and it is made up by you…

What do the numbers say?

Who is doing the polls who do they represent.

Corrupt and dishonest.