News Media wastes no time

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The Biased News Media is engaged in spin and propaganda once again.

It is interesting to watch as we see how the Media continue to try to influence the publics view of what should happen next.

They are talking about Grid Lock…

They are talking about how Donald Trump MUST work with the establishment…

Want to know more about how the media is lying to you?

This is what they call a psychological attack on the viewers of news shows like Fox News.

What is even more interesting here is that the news media apparently have not learned a thing about the most embarrassing display of bias in the press in more than 50 years.

They should be ashamed, they should be apologizing…

But are they doing that?

That would be the adult thing to do right?

Sure it would but that is not what they are doing they are actively engaging in a new talking point which is little more than propaganda and lies.

We see what they are doing and by a large percentage the people of america see how biased these news organizations are.

It is easy to see, just this morning fox news bobble heads were sitting there talking about how Donald Must do this or Donald Must do that in other words elections only have consequences when your a republican and you loose.

What they are talking about is an insult to the average american.

Why is the media still trying to spin the truth…

You the Media were exposed for what you are Liars, Jerks, Bullies.

We see you for what you are and your spin is not worth anything.

You no longer have the influence you once enjoyed the trust you once enjoyed you have run into the ground until no one believes anything you say.

When your mouth moves America knows you are lying.

Donald Trump does not have to settle for what the establishment says he has to do.

The Republican Establishment has been at this for 20 years and longer and they are the ones that have made this mess.

So, please Mr and Mrs. Media Talking heads tell us again how we have to do things your way…

Because your lying to yourself if you believe that the people are going to just go back to how things have always been were looking for change and that goes for the media as well.

Were not going to take your abuse and your lies anymore.


IT is time for an examination into what the media are engaged in and how they are attempting to influence election and public perception of what Washington is doing.

IF Donald J Trump is going to Drain the Swamp the media should be included in that Swamp because they are also part of what has created this great hulking mess that we find ourselves suffering through a bad economy and bad policy everywhere starting with America and everywhere else.

We simply cannot afford to “Pretend” that what the media are taking about and what the media are trying to do as it relates to creating a new era in what it means to be an American.

Frankly the Media have not been acting very American and that includes Fox News.

It may be time to revisit what the press is and what its function is because we are not seeing the traditional function that the press has been granted by the constitution.

What we are seeing is manipulation, out right lies, made up news stories and even more disturbing things such as the Press and the Media attempting to act as the legislative body and the enforcement body.

If they had their way they would have a Trial, Convict you of a Crime and then Execute you for that crime all the while charging $50 or more for a pay per view ticket for your execution.

That is insane right?

Sure it is but you know what that is where we are headed if we do not have a close look at what is happening with the media the press and the coverage of the news in America.

The People are sick of the lies and they are looking at what you the media are up to and they are no longer asleep.

You tried to pull off a coup and your even spinning what happened last night by calling it an upset.

But there was no upset.

What happened was that your influence failed, your lies were exposed and you are no longer respected.

The people demand better and more fair news coverage.

The constitution demands it and you will be held accountable for what you have done.